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I feel that one memory I can't really remember is trying to catch my attention. It's on the tip of my mind, but all I get is a shadow of what was there. So many drunken moments, so many black outs strewn throughout. Someone was holding me, I really wish I could remember who. I can't remember your face, just the embrace, not the time or the place. I can't reach out if I can't remember your name. I led myself down a road of destruction. I've finally taken care of that drinking problem. Finally ridding myself of that habit where I start traveling through my past in my head reaching out to the ones that mostly destroyed me in the end. Letting go, never came easy, still isn't really. I'm waiting for you, I need you now, the one I can't seem to remember much about. This new road I'm on, feels like I'm on my way to a better life. Death is no longer saying take my hand. Numbing myself is no longer the plan. 


  • Sep 24, 2020

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