Trapped Part 1 Read Count : 32

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
A gorgeous woman with long thick blond wavy hair that came down to her back walked into the ballroom of the castle.
    The blond women was thirty two years old and had delicately smooth facial features. Her soft skin was as fair as porcelain. She wore a long flowing long sleeve soft yellow ball gown, which had a modestly high Square neckline. She Wore a soft yellow headband in her hair and cascading from the top of the headband was a sheer Veil flowing all the way down the length of her hair.
    A tall fit man who was sitting on a glossy smooth wooden throne looked exceedingly unhappy and heartbroken as he watched  the dancing in the large Ballroom.
    The dancing style of the ballroom was something like the waltz.
   The man was sixty years old. He had delicate manly features. The complexion of the skin was a light brown Olive tint. He was wearing a long-sleeve velvet purple tunic shirt that came down to his knees with purple velvet pants. He had long dark brown greying thick wildly curly hair that came down to his chin line.
    He boringly looked up from the festivities of the dancing when he gazed upon a beautiful young woman in a soft yellow ball gown. He quickly sat up in his chair excitedly staring at her as his eyes widened, deeply in love.
    The young woman soon realized that he was staring at her and she bashfully looked away as she smiled innocently.
    He purposely got up from his throne and began to walk down the the wide Isle between a sea of people of the large room.
    "Your majesty", she said in a poised voice as she curtsied low to the ground bowing her head gracefully.
    The sound of her sweet silky voice melted his heart.
    She gracefully stood up from her curtsy and looked in his eyes." I have waited so long to see you".
    She reached his arm out and grabbed her hand gently leading her down the aisle smiling happily. As he faced the ballroom with her. Everyone who was dancing suddenly stopped and looked stunned admiring her and smiling as they began applauding her arrival. Some whispered to each other, "where was she"?
    The whole ballroom bowed and curtsied as he and she sat down on the throne
    She turned her head looking at her husband adoringly as he was sitting on the thone next to hers. "It is good to be home"? She said with a forced smile.
    As the dancing continued once they sat down on the thier thrones the young woman got up Suddenly and went to walk down the 3 steps of the platform to the ballroom floor when suddenly her husband quickly grabbed her hand gently squeezing firmly slightly.
    " where are you going dear, he asked.
    She turned around looking at her husband and quickly thinking of something to say she said, "I have to go to the bathroom".
    He reluctantly released her hand sensing she was lying.


  • Sep 19, 2020

  • Sep 19, 2020

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