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"Hello! How are you?
 I'm fine, thank you! 
 But what about you? " 

The same words we write every day, 
Without knowing exactly what happens
Through our minds.

I have nothing to say, 
You have nothing more to say. 
 Two stubborn mouths,
 That do not leave out the words. 

 I'm glad we're talking, 
But I'm sad to see...
 That we became two strangers,
 One in the other's life, 
Losing the meaning through the daily lies.

 You don't let me heal, 
Without you, I can't heal me completely.
Send me messages with emoticons,
 It doesn't really help me.  

I'm pretending to get over it, 
Although I can't be the way I was the first time.
 "Hi.  What are you doing?
  I'm fine. I hope you're doing fine."

A conversation that leads nowhere, 
Sometimes I would like to cut it.
"Hello! How are you?"
A conversation from my past
 Doesn't let me live my life free.


  • Sep 18, 2020

  • Sep 18, 2020

  • great poem, when love is involved there will always be a bond like being chained to that person so it's hard to move on or let go, the poem seems bitter-sweet but a great read, well done, hope all is going good for you, have a great weekend, Lee 😀✌👍👌

    Sep 18, 2020

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