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This is the end of the Preliminaries series. 

Chapter 19
Colour Dictator vs Curtis 

Meanwhile Colour Dictator and Curtis were talking.

" This will be a good fight " said Colour Dictator.
" Yes, we must give it our all " said Curtis.
" King Bobby is counting on me to stop Crayon from being around Warbler "
" King Bobby is a very caring king "
" Well, yes " said Colour Dictator.
" Colour King is a man who cares about Colourland "
" Him and King Bobby will be a perfect partnership for our respective countries " said Curtis.
" Crayon is not what Bird's Isle needs "
" He is not Colourlandish enough " said Colour Dictator. " He has refused to not criticize the protests that are not in favour over Colourland "
" Yeah, Colourland deserves better " said Curtis.
" Bird's Isle has King Bobby, Colourland needs a leader like him which Colour King is "
" Yeah, we will have a great fight " said Colour Dictator.
" We must get closer to defeating Challenger "
" The people feel less Colourlandish, how is that acceptable for the country ? "
" It isn't " said Curtis.
" King Bobby has always had a great vision with these wars "
" He knows he can get resources by invading places like these islands "
 " Yes, that is true " said Colour Dictator. " Perhaps Colour King will invade somewhere "
" I could see that " said Curtis.
" We will see "

More time continued passing, it was five minutes to the fight. Fighters were talking.

" This will be a good fight " said Easeion.
" It sure will " said Xax.
" The winner must eliminate Crayon, I am tired of that motherfucker " said Easeion.
" I want him sadder than ever "
" Yes, we all want him torn up " said Whites.
" Crayon crumbling will be awesome " said Easeion.
" I want to be the man to do so but I will be happy for anyone that does so "
" I will congratulate them "
" Yes, we will enjoy his demise " said Blackin. " I will marry Blackina after I win "
" My love for Blackina is so strong "
" Thanks " said Blackina.
" No problem, our hearts are connected " said Blackin.
" It will be a great wedding " said Whites. " I will be a great best man "
" You sure will " said Xax. " It will be like no other wedding out there "

Meanwhile King Bobby was talking with Colour King.

" So, you know about our plan " said King Bobby.
" Do you think that Colourlandish people will assist or invade somewhere else " 
" We will sent some warriors " said Colour King.
" Depending on how things are going, we may do an invasion as well "
" Smart idea " said King Bobby.
" Yeah, our warriors are very strong " said Colour King.
" There is something our warriors like about fighting which is good " said King Bobby.
" Bird's Isle has warriors that understand what we are about "
" I love the people, by invading for resources it just shows how much I do " said Colour King.
" Yeah, the people of Colourland deserve that " said King Bobby.
" They do, the people are sick of Challenger " said Colour King.

The fight then started between Curtis and Colour Dictator.

Colour Dictator rushed to punch Curtis and the punch landed.

Curtis got back up and he then kicked Colour Dictator.

Curtis then started to use his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Colour Dictator used his Ultimate Colourland Barrage, they both took damage.

Curtis then started charging for the Ultimate Bird Bomb while Colour Dictator used the Ultimate Colourland Bomb, the attacks then hit their targets.

Curtis then used the Ultimate Bird Blast while Colour Dictator used the Ultimate Colourland Blast, the blasts collided and they both fell to the ground.

Curtis got up first, he then kicked Colour Dictator knocking him down.

Colour Dictator was able to get up and he then struck Curtis with the Tenfold Colourland Strike which hit Curtis and he took damage.

Curtis then started charging the Bird Implosion while Colour Dictator was charging the Colourland Implosion, the implosions hit each other and they were both hit.

Fighters were talking.

" Curtis is looking great " said King Bobby.
" Yeah, he will win " said Queen Starling.
" We need more advisors advancing " said Lord Grackle.
" There is a better chance with ending Challenger "
" We must succeed for the sake of Bird's Isle " said Blackburnian.
" Yeah, we need these resources " said Lord Grackle.
" They will make Bird's Isle better " said Diana.
" Exactly, Challenger has never understood " said King Bobby.
" Not to mention that Warbler will be better this way "
" When it comes to Warbler, I am a caring king "
" Warbler has deserved the best, it is time we actually do so " said Blackburnian.
" As a brother, I will make sure Crayon never hangs out with him again "
" That is the best not just for Warbler but Bird's Isle as a whole "

The fight continued.

Curtis then started charging for his Ultimate Bird Blast while Colour Dictator used his Ultimate Colourland Bomb, the attacks then hit their targets.

Curtis then started charging the Ultimate Bird Bomb while Colour Dictator was charging his Ultimate Colourland Blast, the attacks then hit them both and they both fell to the ground.

" You seem stronger " said Curtis.
" Yes, my abilities have gotten great " said Colour Dictator. 
" Well, we should continue this fight " said Curtis.
" There are not many advisors who have advanced "

Curtis then charged up his Bird Implosion while Colour Dictator used the Ultimate Colourland Blast, they were both hit.

Curtis then charged up his Ultimate Bird Blast while Colour Dictator used the Colourland Implosion, they both were knocked down to the ground.

Fighters were talking.

" Colour Dictator looks like he is taking this match " said Colourclever.
" Yes, his power will do so " said Colour King.
" Colourlandish people love Colour Dictator, he truly understands the country "
" Yeah, he will take this " said Colour Queen.
" He is so Colourlandish just like me " said Colour King.

The fight then continued.

Colour Dictator then fired off his Ultimate Colourland Bomb while Curtis used his Ultimate Bird Bomb, the bombs hit each other and they were both damaged.

Curtis then started charging up the Bird Implosion while Colour Dictator then was charging up the Colourland Implosion, the implosions then hit their targets hard.

Fighters were talking.

" Well, this is one intense fight " said Artby.
" It makes me think of the intense baking that bakers use to bake "
" They bake so hard for great mouths "
" Great mouths ? " asked Crayon.
" Yeah, our mouths are great " said Artby.
" They have been made better by baking "
" Baking has changed our mouths, in the way my purchases have changed bakers "
" Changed bakers ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, they have done that " said Artby.
" Uh, okay " said Challenger.
" Challenger, your mouth is such a good mouth " said Artby.
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" Colouruke, we have great mouths " said Artby.

The fight continued.

Curtis then used his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Colour Dictator used his Ultimate Colourland Barrage, they both took damage.

Curtis then charged up the Bird Implosion while Colour Dictator used the Colourland Implosion, the implosions hit their targets directly.

Curtis then started charging up the Ultimate Bird Bomb while Colour Dictator then started charging up the Ultimate Colourland Bomb, the bombs hit each other and they both fell to the ground.

Curtis was slightly struggling but he was able to get up.

" I will not quit " said Curtis.
" The advisors must advance "
" Good, I will give it my all " said Colour Dictator.
" Colour King needs his officials advancing as well "
" We can both save Warbler from Crayon and his friends, he was so happy with us advisors " said Curtis.
" The meals he had and his training was better training with us "
" We will continue our fight "

Curtis then charged up the Ultimate Bird Blast while Colour Dictator charged up the Ultimate Colourland Blast, the blasts hit their targets down to the ground.

They both got up.

Curtis then charged up his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Colour Dictator used his Ultimate Colourland Blast, the attacks damaged both of them.

Curtis was getting near the end while Colour Dictator was slightly struggling.

Fighters were talking.

" Curtis, you must keep fighting " said King Bobby.
" We know what you have done for us "
" He has been great for Bird's Isle " said Queen Starling. 
" He has, I respect him a lot " said Lord Grackle.
" He's the man " said Diana.
" He has done a lot for my brother Warbler, when has Crayon ever done that ? " asked Blackburnian.
" Warbler needs him winning "
" If not, I must take things into my hands "
" Yeah, we would need to " said King Bobby.
" Allie needs more time with him which Curtis has understood "
" Allie is getting tired of Crayon "
" I didn't get in the way of their love " said Crayon.
" You are lying to us " said King Bobby.
" The king has a point " said Easeion.
" How so ? " asked Crayon.
" The fact that you are talking to him a lot " said Easeion. " You must know that, I don't think that you would not know "
" He is a friend of ours " said Colourea.
" Not anymore " said Queen Starling.
" We have insisted that you stop " said Lord Grackle.
" You must do so for the sake of Warbler, his relationship and Bird's Isle "
" Bird's Isle ? " asked Colouruke.
 " Yes, Crayon hanging out with Warbler is not good for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" Warbler is well liked in Bird's Isle, a friend like Crayon is bad for Bird's Isle due to the way he is "
" Crayon will not let Warbler fight and he has not given him the life that me and Blackburnian have "
" Yes, we have done so much " said Blackburnian.
" Crayon is not a good fucking friend "
" I agree " said Whites.
" Whites, bread has made him one " said Artby.
" Yeah, that makes no sense " said Diana.
" Warbler is better off without him, I don't know why you are all not getting this "
" They want to make excuses for Crayon, so typical " said Easeion.
" Excuses ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, you must know what the king is saying " said Easeion.
" What does this have to do with you, Easeion ? " asked Colourea.
" I understand why King Bobby does not like Crayon, I truly do " said Easeion.
" I understand the hate for him, there is a purpose to it "
" Warbler is a man the king cares about "
" You fought against him " said Crayon.   .
" Times have changed " said Xax.
" We have decided to join the same side, I am sure you know " said Lord Grackle.
" You are all that scared of me " said Crayon. " I can fight, but I didn't see myself to be that great "
" We have a better chance, we are also about stopping Challenger " said King Bobby.
" He is not what Colourland needs, they need Colour King "
" No, they do not " said Artby. " We need baking and Challenger "
" Well, I do enjoy eating bread and Challenger has been good for Colourland " said Colourea.
" That is true, bakers have understood Challenger more than Colour King " said Artby.
" Well, me and Colour King are with Blackin for a reason " said King Bobby.
" After this match, we will discuss this further "

The fight continued.

Curtis used the Bird Implosion while Colour Dictator used the Colourland Implosion, the implosions hit with lots of power and Curtis was defeated.

An announcement came on.

" Colour Dictator has advanced while Curtis is out "
" This is all the fights for today "
" Tomorrow there are three fights, it is the last day of the preliminaries "
" The first fight is Warbler against Lord Grackle "
" Enjoy the fights and enjoy the rest of your day "

Fighters were talking.

" Warbler is fighting Lord Grackle ? " asked Blackburnian.
" Man, that is unfortunate "
" They can both beat Colouruke "
" That is true, I think Easeion or Diana will fight him " said King Bobby.
" Lord Grackle is a brilliant man " said Diana. " I have also respected Warbler a lot, it will go down to the very end "
" Yeah, both of them are worthy of advancing over anyone left outside of Diana" said Queen Starling.
" Warbler is my brother, so I will root for him but if Lord Grackle wins then he can take down Crayon " said Blackburnian.
" So Warbler, you are ready aren't you ? "
" I am, Lord Grackle is going to be a difficult opponent " said Warbler.
" Yeah, but give it your all " said Blackburnian.
" Our advisors have had bad luck with who they fight but we must make the best of this "
" That is true " said Diana.
" Well, it will be an intense match " said Lord Grackle.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" Warbler will win " said Colouruke.
" I hope so " said Crayon.
" Warbler eats bread, baking will help him " said Artby.
" Bakers do so much for fighters "
" Warbler is strong but it will not be easy " said Challenger.
" Lord Grackle is not someone to take it easy on "
" That's for sure, bakers would want that kind of fighting " said Artby.
" Bakers want that fighting ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, bakers love good punches from their customers, they want their customers kicking as well " said Artby.
" Customers are kicking for bread now "
" They are ? " asked Crayon.
" They sure are " said Artby. " Crayon has done so and so have all of us "
" Well we do enjoy eating bread and we are fighting but we are fighting in the tournament " said Challenger.
" Baking has changed us for the better as fighters " said Artby. " Bakers understand the kind of customer we are "
" More baking is done thanks to me, but all of you have helped bakers "
" Bakers are happier and customers now are eating more bread " 
" Well they have more money I would say, but I don't think that customers in general are eating more bread " said Colouruke.
" We have been "

Chapter 20
The Last Evening of the Preliminaries

Blackin was with Blackina in their room.

" Our love is so strong for each other " said Blackin.
" Nobody has loved as much as me "
" We are great together, this is so good " said Blackina.
" I love looking at your beautiful body " said Blackin.
" It is a great body "
" Thanks " said Blackina.

Blackin and Blackina then embraced and were kissing each other and they enjoyed themselves.

Meanwhile Easeion was with Warbler who he saw.

" Warbler, Crayon must go down " said Easeion.
" Go down ? " asked Warbler.
" He is not a friend you want " said Easeion.
" Trust me, I know "
" Well the king is very upset with him " said Warbler.
" He believes that hanging out with him is bad for Bird's Isle "
" Well, I could see why he would say that " said Easeion.
" When more people here do not like Crayon, it is better "
" Disliking him will do what ? " asked Warbler.
" It will make him understand that he has done many things not in the way that he should be doing things " said Easeion.
" My siblings must be avenged "
" Well my brother has said he has done a lot for dating " said Warbler.
" That is good " said Easeion. " He knows that Crayon is going to destroy what you have with Allie "
" Allie has not said anything to Crayon directly " said Warbler.
" I have heard rumours " said Easeion.
" You can believe what you like but the advisors have spoken about it "
" I want to talk with Allie about Crayon " said Warbler.
" Well, I think that Crayon is someone that is not good for you but you can do whatever " said Easeion.
" We are allied with King Bobby and Colour King "
" That is the truth, my siblings will come back one day "
" Well, see you later "

Meanwhile Warbler went to see Allie.

" People are saying that Crayon is bad for our relationship " said Warbler.
" I don't understand this " said Allie.
" He isn't going around hitting on me "
" Well, the king can be very persuasive " said Warbler.
" Yeah " said Allie.
" I am glad to be around you "
" Same here, I am happy with you " said Warbler.
" I love you " said Allie.

Allie then kissed Warbler, Easeion was with Blackburnian, Diana, Queen Starling and King Bobby.

" Warbler will talk with Allie about Crayon " said Easeion.
" It is about how Crayon has been bad " said Diana.
" Warbler cannot surround himself with a friend like that " said Blackburnian.
" My brother is a great guy, but he cannot expect to find good inside everyone "
" Yes, that can be catastrophic " said Diana.
" Crayon is terrible for Bird's Isle, the idea of him being a hero is a joke " said King Bobby.
" We do not need him there "
" Yes, he must remain in Colourland " said Queen Starling.
" The Colourlandish people are tiring of him, but I would prefer that they would deal with him instead of Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" I know of what Blackin plans to do "
" He loves Blackina so much, he has said to love Blackina more than any woman can be loved " 
" Well, he will be useful for all of us " said King Bobby.
" I know of his ability, Crayon cannot beat him one on one "
" I will crush that motherfucker " said Easeion.
" I will break him completely "
" Well, we need him away from Warbler and Allie " said Blackburnian.
" Their relationship means a lot to Bird's Isle "
" It sure does " said Diana.
" If Crayon was to interfere with any sex between them it is not acceptable " said King Bobby.
" I will eliminate that guy " said Easeion. " He will not make the quarterfinals "
" The other fighters who have advanced outside of Colourea are too strong for him "
" He will look so dumb when we fight "
" Good, I would expect nothing less " said King Bobby.
" He is no match for me " said Queen Starling.
" I have told Bird's Isle that Warbler's sex life is something I take very seriously " said King Bobby.
" Bird's Isle needs it to go smoothly "
" Yes, it is what we need in Bird's Isle " said Diana.

Colour King was with Colour Queen.

" So Warbler will fight Lord Grackle ? " asked Colour King.
" That will be a good fight "
" Well, the winner must focus on Challenger " said Colour Queen.
" Challenger is not Colourlandish to the people of Colourland " said Colour King.
" Challenger will be replaced "
" Yes, the people are sick of him " said Colour Queen.
" My opinion has been missed a lot " said Colour King.
" My opinion is so Colourlandish "
" Colourlandish people love hearing my opinion, they know that it is Colourlandish "
" Yes, you will make Colourland the place it needs to be " said Colour Queen.
" We are as Colourlandish as we can be " said Colour King.
" I love Colourland so much, just like the people "
" The people relate to me as a leader "
" Yes, they are so Colourlandish when we are in charge " said Colour Queen.
" We have unity with Bird's Isle " said Colour King.
" The people love Bird's Isle more than Challenger "
" They are more Colourlandish than him due to the decisions Challenger has made "

Meanwhile Crayon and his friends saw Warbler.

" I have been approached by Easeion " said Warbler.
" Easeion ? " asked Crayon. " Why ? "
" He claims that you have not been a good friend " said Warbler.
" That is bullshit " said Artby.
" Baking proves that to not be true "
" Well, I'm not sure about baking but Crayon has been a good one " said Colouruke.
" Bakers know Crayon, they know what he is like " said Artby.
" Well we do go there a lot " said Challenger.
" There is a belief that Crayon is ruining the relationship between me and Allie " said Warbler.
" That does not make sense, we are not talking much at all " said Colouruke.
" Bakers know that to be false " said Artby.
" Bakers know so much " 
" Well, we know that to be false as well " said Challenger.
" Knowing King Bobby, he believes the dating site he created is involved in this "
" I met Allie there but he has gone so far now " said Warbler.
" Yeah " said Colourea.
" I will continue to believe in bread " said Artby.
" Bread ? " asked Crayon.
" I believe in what it has done for my mouth, bakers believe in my mouth and understand it " said Artby.

Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were at their room and they noticed that Bill and Tara had woken up from a message.

" This is awesome " said Easeion.
" They are back "
" Yeah, we will start a chat on the computer here " said Xax.

Bill, Tara, Easeion and Xax had a discussion.

" We are back " said Tara.
" That's great " said Easeion.
" So, how are both of you ? " asked Bill.
" I advanced to the round of 16 " said Xax.
" Whites, Blackin and Blackina did as well "
" Wow, that's great " said Tara.
" Easeion has a fight to win, but he will do so " said Xax.
" He will have no problem " said Bill.
" When I do, I will crush Crayon " said Easeion.
" I am glad that what he has done did not fully succeed "
" Yeah, we are both back but the others are not " said Tara.
" They will wake up soon " said Bill.
" When Blackin wins, we will celebrate it " said Easeion.
" Yes, they are getting married " said Xax.
" Nice " said Tara.
" I always knew that they were so good for each other " said Bill.
" The rest of us will make sure that Crayon gets no prize money or any friend of his " said Easeion.
" Yeah, that would be a disaster " said Xax.
" We have a lot of stolen stuff from here already so we are looking pretty good " said Tara.
" Yeah, through two leaders " said Easeion.
" We have taken a lot "
" Yeah, we sure have " said Xax.
" We have something to check, so see you both again " said Bill.

Xax and Easeion resumed talking.

" That was great to see " said Easeion.
" I feel great as a Smithson "
" Yeah, this is awesome " said Xax.
" Alice should be back soon "
" I would love that, she has been a great villainess " said Easeion.

Meanwhile King Bobby and Colour King approached Challenger, the three leaders were talking.

" It is great that we are all here " said Colour King.
" What is going on ? " asked Challenger.
" Well, we must discuss the idea of these invasions " said King Bobby.
" Yes, they will bring resources to our respective lands " said Colour King.
" Colourlandish people will thrive with boosted resources "
" People will get hurt for no reason " said Challenger.
" This is not good "
" These people are not from Bird's Isle or Colourland, Challenger " said King Bobby.
" Our warriors want to fight "
" When they joined, they did not join to feel bad about these islands "
" They are no threat to either of our countries " said Challenger.
" This is about making Bird's Isle better, this has nothing to do with being a threat or not " said King Bobby.
" This could make Colourland better, taking these resources for Colourland " said Colour King.
" Challenger thinks that war is only about threats, but it can bring other good things to a country "
" People will die for a war that is not necessary " said Challenger.
" Challenger, there is no guarantee that any of our warriors will die " said Colour King.
" You must not think highly of them, that is not Colourlandish in any way "
" So being Colourlandish has to do with agreeing with your opinion ? " asked Challenger.
" My opinion is great, this is just coincidental that my opinion happens to be good for Colourland " said Colour King.
" Yeah, I don't believe that " said Challenger.
" This is why I prefer Colour King " said King Bobby.
" For simply not agreeing with Colour King ? " asked Challenger.
" The beliefs that you have are less good than the ones Colour King has, therefore he is a better ally than you are " said King Bobby.
" I am a better ally for King Bobby due to your strong opposition to these great wars " said Colour King.
" These wars would do so much but Challenger claims that people will die from them instead of believing in our warriors " said King Bobby.
" Our warriors are great, Challenger "
" Even then, there will be people who will die " said Challenger.
" It will be the other side " said King Bobby.
" I really do not care to be honest "
" Neither do I, we must put our nations first " said Colour King.
" Unfortunately, Challenger just won't do that "
" That is why the people support Colour King " said King Bobby.
" They understand our alliance "
" I'm not sure the people support a war against islands that have done nothing to either Colourland or Bird's Isle " said Challenger.
" Not everyone wants to fight in the war, but they know that their life will be improved because of these wars " said King Bobby.
" Our warriors want to fight, they want to go to war "
" We also have people in Colourland who want war " said Colour King.
" Challenger simply is not getting it "
" I am getting the sense, that he never will which is sad to see " said King Bobby.
" For not invading islands ? " asked Challenger.
" You seem to not understand the resources that can be gained here " said King Bobby.
" You keep claiming people will die but this is about getting resources "
" Me and Colour King will leave you be, I really hope that you change for the sake of our nations "
" Our nations deserve the best, these wars are so good " said Colour King.
" This is why I am more Colourlandish "

Crayon and his friends then arrived at the bakery.

" Man, I love bakers " said Artby.
" My dreams are packed full of baking "
" I dream about every baker "
" Uh, okay " said a baker.
" Tons of delicious bread in the dream " said Artby.
" My love for bakers is so strong "
" I will love bakers forever "

They got their bread and they left, they started talking.

" This bread looks great " said Crayon.
" It does, I met with Colour King and King Bobby " said Challenger.
" They want war really bad "
" Well, we are going to have to stop them " said Colouruke.
" King Bobby has said the warriors want war " said Challenger.
" Well, I think it is him and the advisors who want it " said Colourea.
" Yes " said Colouruke.
" I will fight against Colourclever, Easeion or Diana "
" You can win those matchups " said Crayon.
" Baking has done so much for Colouruke " said Artby.

They arrived at the hotel and they ate, more time continued passing.

Everyone was in their room, Crayon and Colourea were talking with each other.

" I love you so much " said Crayon.
" Same here " said Colourea.

Crayon and Colourea ended up kissing and they headed into the bed together.

Meanwhile Blackin was talking with Blackina.

" Warbler vs Lord Grackle is a match that will be intense " said Blackin.
" Just like our love for each other " said Blackina.
" Yes, we have loved each other so much " said Blackin.
" Warbler has a good chance "
" I do believe so " said Blackina.
" Well, we will continue loving each other and fighting super strong " said Blackin.
" Yeah, that sounds great " said Blackina.

Nighttime then came and everyone had went to bed.

Morning came, everyone got up and they headed downstairs for where breakfast would be served.

" This fight will be great " said Diana.
" It will be difficult to root for one person here " said King Bobby.
" Yeah, they will both bring it " said Blackburnian.
" We must keep Warbler away from Crayon " said Lord Grackle.
" Warbler, give me a great fight "
" I will fight very hard " said Warbler.
" Good, we need that " said Diana.
" Crayon is a man that everyone must be ready to eliminate at any time " said Easeion.
" We are ready for him " said Colourclever.
" He is not Colourlandish enough "
" He is " said Colouruke.
" No, he is not " said Colourclever.
" Colour King and King Bobby had an intense discussion with the man "
" He does not support wars that help us "
" He believes that lots of people will die but he does not understand the resources " said Lord Grackle.
" We have a lot in Colourland already " said Crayon.
" Imagine if we had more though in Bird's Isle and Colourlandish people had more" said Diana.
" It would be great " 
" Yes, unfortunately Crayon is worried about other people dying instead " said Blackburnian.
" This is part of the problem "
" Warbler should not be around people like that "
" Warbler deserves the best " said King Bobby.
" Crayon is simply not that and he will not create the life for him that he needs "
" Not to mention where Allie fits in into this "
" Allie is happy with him " said Colourea.
" Yes, but she wants more time than you are allowing, Colourea " said Queen Starling.
" That is something you do not understand "
" Then why haven't they said that to us " said Artby.
" Bakers know that bread has helped "
" Bread ? " asked Xax.
" I don't know the relationship but bakers have nothing to do with anything "
" They want your money "
" They want me eating great bread " said Artby.
" What does that have to do with Warbler or Allie though ? " asked Xax.
" Absolutely nothing " said Blackburnian.
" Artby just assumes that bread will help them "
" Bread has done so much " said Artby.
" It has done wonders for me and people I know "
" Well, I think not " said Blackburnian.
" Regardless of that you all must stay from Warbler for the best "
" Yeah, Warbler doesn't need that " said Diana.
" I know we need Warbler to have friends like that " said Lord Grackle.
" Baking helps " said Artby. " Baking has made Crayon even better as a friend "
" You are not getting the truth " said Queen Starling.
" I am getting it, bakers want me to get the truth " said Artby.
" Bakers are great people, I love bakers "
" This is not about them being good people, it is about Crayon and his friends not being good for Warbler " said Queen Starling.
" King Bobby knows what is happening between him and Allie "
" I know too, they are happy " said Artby. " Baking has made a lot of people happier "
" During mealtime, but Warbler needs Allie while Allie needs Warbler " said Blackburnian.
" As his brother, he cannot have bad friends "
" His life and Bird's Isle count on this "
" Yeah, that is true " said Diana.
" Crayon is a man not to be trusted " said Easeion.
" I talked with my siblings yesterday, people like Crayon are against that "
" Well, Crayon must go down " said Whites.
" I won't " said Crayon.
" You will, I'll make you look so dumb when we fight " said Easeion.
" I'll make you so sad, more sad than you ever have been before "
" It won't happen " said Crayon.
" It will happen, I can guarantee that shit " said Easeion.
" Crayon will crash and burn " said Xax.
" It comes down to who will fight him " said Blackin.
" If he fights Colourea, he may advance "
" That would piss me off " said Easeion.
" Same here " said Blackina. " I know that he will lose and we will be enjoying that "
" Don't be so sure " said Challenger.
" He has trained a lot "
" We all have done so " said Easeion.
" My moves are out of this world "
" You have to fight Colourclever, Diana or Colouruke " said Challenger.
" None of those people are easy to win against "
" They will be for me " said Easeion.
" Colouruke will be the easiest match to win "
" Colouruke is not good enough to make the Round of 16 "
" I will fight hard and make it " said Colouruke.
" Colouruke eats tons of bread, baking has made him so strong " said Artby.
" Bakers are people that love Colouruke "
" Well, they love every customer " said Blackburnian.
" Colouruke is going down, he is the weakest person who has not fought while Diana is the strongest "
" I believe that if Colourclever and Easeion were to fight, it would be a great fight "
" Well, yes " said Easeion. " My talent is great "
" I have so much ability when I fight, I make a lot of people look stupid "

They then all started eating breakfast which they enjoyed.

Chapter 21
Lord Grackle vs Warbler

Lord Grackle and Warbler were talking before the fight.

" Warbler, you must show me everything that you have learned " said Lord Grackle.
" I will do just that " said Warbler.
" Good, I will show tons of power " said Lord Grackle.
" We must keep you away from Crayon and his friends "
" They have not been good at all "
" I know that King Bobby had a discussion with you about them sneaking up on you "
" He did " said Warbler.
" Well, I am glad to see that " said Lord Grackle.
" When this tournament is over, you will never have to see any friend of Crayon again "
" We will make sure that Grackle and Dove stay away because they do live in Bird's Isle "
" Blackburnian has said that Allie wants more time with me " said Warbler.
" Yes, she is falling for you " said Lord Grackle.
" There are resources on these islands that the king wants to invade "
" Many advisors, you and Allie will fight in the war "
" Do you know who is going to fight ? " asked Warbler.
" I know Blackburnian, he insisted on it " said Lord Grackle.
" I believe Diana as well "
" He will want an advisor to not fight, which will be very difficult due to all of us wanting to do so "
" We will get to that discussion when the war is closer, for now keep fighting and enjoy being around Allie who is falling for you "
" I have been falling for her as well " said Warbler.
" I love being around her "
" This is why Crayon and his friends are a disaster " said Lord Grackle.
" They were not around when you fell in love "
" You must continue falling for her "

More time continued passing and it was about eight minutes to the fight, fighters were talking.

" This is going to be a great fight " said King Bobby.
" Warbler has a lot of potential, but Lord Grackle is very experienced "
" Both of them deserve a spot more than Colouruke but that is how it is "
" Yes, I believe that Colouruke will fight Easeion " said Queen Starling.
" Colouruke has no chance against me " said Easeion.
" Yeah, that is so true " said Xax.
" The Bear is too good for that "
" I'm great, I have so much talent " said Easeion.
" When people see me, they say to themselves, that's a guy who can fight "
" My lightning abilities are so good "
" My wind abilities are great " said Xax.
" Well, the round of 16 will be a great place to show that " said Blackin.
" It will " said Xax.
" This next fight will be good "
" It sure will " said Colour King.
 " It will be a true battle " said Colour Queen.
" Yeah, we will enjoy it " said Colour Dictator.
" Warbler has potential but Lord Grackle is the man who I think will win " said Colourclever.

More time passed and the fight was about to begin.

Warbler used his Tenfold Bird Strike while Lord Grackle used his Ultimate Bird Barrage, the attacks collided with each other and they both took damage.

Warbler then punched Lord Grackle while Lord Grackle punched him.

Lord Grackle then kicked Warbler while Warbler kicked him.

They both got up, Warbler used his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Lord Grackle used his Tenfold Bird Strike, they both were hit down.

Warbler then started charging up his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Lord Grackle used his Ultimate Bird Blast, the attacks knocked their targets down to the ground.

They both got up and were talking.

" Your potential is good " said Lord Grackle.
" Glad to see " said Warbler.
" That being said, my ability is stronger " said Lord Grackle.
" You will be valuable to us advisors "
" You may get to be an advisor one day "
" Well, we should continue this fight "

The fight continued.

Warbler then started charging his Ultimate Bird Blast while Lord Grackle then charged up his Ultimate Bird Bomb, the attacks then hit their targets.

Warbler then punched Lord Grackle while Lord Grackle kicked Warbler, they both went down.

Warbler used his Tenfold Bird Strike while Lord Grackle used his own to counter, they were both damaged.

Fighters were talking.

" Man, this is a great fight " said Artby.
" Warbler has eaten great bread "
" He should win "
" He has great potential " said Blackburnian.
" Lord Grackle is one of the strongest advisors though "
" I see baking doing wonders here " said Artby.
" Bakers help fighting "
" I don't see that " said King Bobby.
" You are right about Warbler being strong, it is a shame that you refused to let Warbler be the way that he needs to be "
" He is a complex person but a great one "
" I love him " said Allie.
" Yes, you have been great to him " said King Bobby.
" Well, that is true but I don't see how Crayon is responsible for their relationship " said Colourea.
" He has interfered when Allie has not wanted him to do so " said King Bobby.
" Allie and Warbler are in the same room so they get tons of time for just them " said Colouruke.
" Yes, but before it was not that way " said Queen Starling.
" That is disappointing to Allie "
" Allie does not like what happened, she probably hasn't found the time to tell you " said Blackburnian.

The fight continued.

Warbler then charged up his Bird Implosion while Lord Grackle used his own, the attacks struck their targets.

Lord Grackle then charged up the Ultimate Bird Blast while Warbler used the Ultimate Bird Bomb, they were both knocked down.

Warbler then kicked Lord Grackle while Lord Grackle then kicked Warbler.

Lord Grackle then started charging up for the Ultimate Bird Bomb while Warbler started charging for the Bird Implosion which both attacks did damage.

Warbler started charging up the Ultimate Bird Blast while Lord Grackle started charging up the Bird Implosion, the attacks then hit their targets hard to the ground.

Warbler got up and he used the Ultimate Bird Barrage while Lord Grackle used his own, they both were hit.

Lord Grackle and Warbler then used their Tenfold Bird Strikes, they both were damaged by the strikes and knocked down.

Warbler and Lord Grackle used their Bird Implosions which both hit, they both fell down to the ground.

Warbler and Lord Grackle were both slightly struggling but could both get up, they were talking.

" My ability has gotten so much better " said Warbler.
" This is why we need you, we can get so many resources " said Lord Grackle.
" Those islands cannot stand up to us "
" If you, me, Blackburnian and Diana fight together then we will have an easy victory "
" Well, we have gotten stronger " said Warbler.
" Also we cannot forget Curtis and Allie " said Lord Grackle.
" Curtis is eliminated but he still is plenty strong "
" Resources mean so much to Bird's Isle "
" Well we must continue "

Fighters were talking.

" Warbler is looking good " said Blackburnian.
" I am proud of him as a brother "
" He has done well " said King Bobby.
" Yes, he has been great " said Queen Starling.
" He has earned a spot in the Round of 16 " said Easeion.
" True, fighting him will be fun " said Xax.
" Yeah " said Whites.

The fight continued.

Warbler then started charging up his Ultimate Bird Blast while Lord Grackle used his own, they both were hit down to the ground.

Warbler and Lord Grackle started charging up their Ultimate Bird Bombs, the bombs hit each other and they were knocked down.

Warbler and Lord Grackle were getting near the end.

" Wow, I am impressed " said Lord Grackle.
" Resources will come to Bird's Isle "
" I have gotten strong " said Warbler.
" Colouruke must lose his fight to whoever he fights, Bird's Isle needs him losing " said Lord Grackle.
" Crayon has guided him on a path that is not good "
" What path ? " asked Warbler.
 " The path of being a bad friend to you " said Lord Grackle.
" Perhaps Challenger is doing this to Crayon but we have to assume that all of Crayon's friends are responsible "
" Unless we get evidence otherwise, then we must think that way "
" You are too important to suffer, we must finish this battle "

Lord Grackle and Warbler then starting charging up their Bird Implosions, the implosions then hit with lots of power. Lord Grackle was defeated while Warbler just barely made it by as little as possible.

An announcement came on.

" Warbler has won the fight and he has advanced to the Round of 16, Lord Grackle is eliminated "
" The next fight is Colourclever vs Colouruke "
" That fight will be in 95 minutes from now "
" Enjoy the fighting and the rest of your day "

Fighters were talking.

" Warbler has shown so much skill " said Blackburnian.
" I am so proud of him "
" Lord Grackle fought hard " said King Bobby.
" He sure did " said Queen Starling.
" Warbler did great " said Allie.
" He has made the Round of 16 which is great " said Diana. " Both him and Blackburnian "
" What a good sight to see "
" Colourclever has a fight to win " said Colour King.
" Colouruke is not good enough " said Colour Dictator.
" That is so true " said Colour Queen.
" He can fight well " said Crayon.
" Yeah, not a chance " said Easeion. " I will enjoy him losing, it is something we can all enjoy "
" Hahaha, true " said Xax.
" He has not started fighting " said Colourea.
" He will not fight well " said Whites.
" He will win against the odds " said Challenger.
" Yeah, that sounds like bullshit " said Easeion.
" Why is that ? " asked Artby.
" Bakers do so much for him "
" This has nothing to do with bakers, bread does not change fights " said Whites.
" Baking does so much in fights " said Artby.
" Flour can cause heroism "
" If that is true, then why are you eliminated " said Easeion.
" You are just full of it "
" Artby is not getting the message " said Blackburnian.
" He understands that Colouruke can win today " said Crayon.
" He believes that flour will influence fights " said Diana.
" It does " said Artby.
" You have no proof of that " said Blackburnian.
" I will make sure that you stay away from Warbler "
" You must respect the relationship that I have helped create "
" Our dating site is the best in Bird's Isle, bringing people who support the king together " said King Bobby. 
" I have done so much for dating, making these great couples "
" Bird's Isle needs dating with people who support the king "
" What does that have do with dating ? " asked Crayon.
" It is so people can be with people who support King Bobby " said Queen Starling.
" People are tired of the criticism of the king " said King Bobby.
" So dating someone that supports the king is a good idea "
" That is true " said Diana.
" Yes, we need more couples like that " said Queen Starling.
" Women in Bird's Isle love being ruled by a queen "
" They sure do " said King Bobby.
" It is good for Bird's Isle " said Blackburnian.
" It sure is " said Diana.
" Colourclever will have our support " said King Bobby.
" He'll enjoy the victory he's getting today " said Easeion.
" I will " said Colourclever.
" Yeah, we need him to win " said Colour Dictator.
" He is very Colourlandish " said Colour King.
" That is a great thing about him "
" Colouruke is not so Colourlandish, he must be eliminated "
" Yeah, he has dropped the ball when it comes to that " said Colour Dictator.


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