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8 April 1947, a date when Robert was born. He was born in middle class family in Hawaii. His father worked as Schoolteacher to earn their livelihood. Robert used to go to the school where rich people sent their children.  There he got a friend named Mike whose father used to earn by different ways like- stocks,real estate,owning construction sites,etc.

The story begins-
One weekend Robert's and Mike's school friend Jimmy was planning to go to their beach house with his other friends but he didn't asked Mike and Robert for the same. And when Robert and Mike got to know the reason that why they were not asked for the same. They became very upset. The reason was," They were not rich." This prickled them. From here onwards they both decided to become rich.
On Saturday, Robert decided to start a business in partnership with Mike. They both spent all morning coming up with ideas on how to make money. Occasionally, they started talking about all the "cool guys" at Jimmy's beach house. It hurts them a little but that hurt was good, because it inspired them to keep thinking of a way to make money. Finally, that afternoon, a bolt of lightning struck. It was an idea Mike got from a science book he had read.
For next several weeks, Robert and Mike ran around their neighborhood and asking their neighbors if they would save their toothpaste tubes for them. With puzzled looks, most adults consented with a smile. Some asked them what they were doing, to which they replied, "We can't tell you. It's a business secret."
The date of production came up. They have setup production unit besides driveway. Now, the production was started. They started melting down toothpaste tubes. In those days, toothpaste didn't come in plastic tubes. The tubes were made up of lead. They burned the tubes and poured the lead into cartons. Now their lead was ready to sell but suddenly at the site Robert's dad and his friend came at the site. By seeing that mess, Robert's dad and his friend started laughing. Robert's dad asked Robert, "What the mess you have created my child?" Robert answered, "We have got only this idea to make money, do you have better idea than it?" After listening these words Robert's dad got serious and after a minute he answered," See,  I am a school teacher and a school teacher can only desire for teaching not making money. But if you really wanted to make money and to be rich than contact to Mike's dad."
"My dad?" asked Mike with a scrunched-up face.
"Yeah, your dad," repeated Robert's father with a smile. "Your dad is Brillant when it comes to make money."
"My dad?" Mike asked again in disbelief. "Then how come we don't have a nice car and a nice house like the rich kids at school?"
"A nice car and a nice house don't necessarily mean you're rich or you know how to make money," Robert's Dad replied. "Jimmy's dad works for the sugar plantation. He is not much different from me. He works for a company, and I work for the government. The company buys the car for him. The sugar company is in financial trouble, and Jimmy's dad may soon have nothing. Your dad is different, Mike. He seems to be building an empire, and I suspect in a few years he will be a very rich man."
With that, Mike and Robert got excited again. With the vigor, they  began cleaning up mess caused by their first business. When they were cleaning, they made plans to talk to Mike's dad. The problem was that Mike's dad worked long hours and often did not come home until late. Mike's dad owned warehouses, a construction company, a chain of stores and three restaurants. It was the restaurants that kept him out late.
Mike caught the bus home after they had finished cleaning up. He was going to talk to his dad when he got home that night and ask him if he would teach them how to become rich. Mike promised to call as soon as he had talked to his dad, even if it was late.
Robert's phone rang at 8:30 p.m.
Finally Mike's dad had agreed to meet them next Saturday.

Next Saturday.....

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