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You never known everything about me 
shattered my heart into a thousand pieces,
if I’m too much for you to handle why you 
fell in love with me in the first place? If you 
knew my whole life and understand the truth 
I behaved in a certain way, you told me I want to acknowledge your condition and your feelings”. 
Everything you say to me from a while back 
it’s got me to believe, that you truly care for me 
and want to learn more about me, and now 
look what you do to me your break my heart into pieces. 
You shouldn’t break up with me if never understand and learned everything about me 
I used to be available to text and talked to you all the time, you’re the reason I begin to set up my boundary limit if wasn’t for you threaten me by saying we’re breaking up”, I wouldn’t build my wall. 
I forgive everything you did to me you should do the same for me I accept every weakness, of yours you don’t accept my weakness I know, our expectation are different from each other. 
I didn’t mean to came across your line to affect you strongly I want you know what, it’s feel like 
if you don’t understand, my scar you will lose me as a friend. 
 Used to be easy on you and now you make me 
to become strict and hard on you, I don’t want to be like this to you, but you give me no choice 
I have to do this to you until you learn your lesson. 
I still love you as a friend my heart desire to become the person I used to be, I want you to
see how much I change maybe you will change your mind, to have me back as more than just a friend. 
That is another reason I set up my boundary limit 
don’t you never say I’m going insane this is serious, I’m going to reach my goal no matter what you say I won’t back down I’ll keep following my heart, until I reach what I want to achieve. 


  • Sep 18, 2020

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