Deep Velvet Unconsciousness Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
He picked the notepad up off the floor and searched frantically around for a pen. It was getting dark by the time he sat down to write. The cat, which he adored for many years, stood by his leg and gazed upwards. In that moment, Big blue eyes penetrated his. He looked wearily over at the cats dish. Empty. No food or water. The apartment was cold. As he breathed out in a sigh, the cat watched on as his breath enveloped the space around them. It grew colder as night wore on. The cat didn't leave his side. Finally, he put pen to paper and began to write. The cat jumped up beside him now and sleepily watched the pen caressing the page, backwards and forwards and then in incomprehensible squiggles. The two locked eyes again. It was time. He pet the sleepy cat behind its ears and the cat began to purr. Rising from the chair, he went to the corner of the room, where was placed 2 bottles of pills and a glass. His head began to spin. He felt dizzy again. It's okay. Over soon. He needed to sit down again. No room left for crying. It's just me and you now. The cat didn't leave his side. A meeow came out in a weak croak. Sitting down in the corner, he produced a flask from his pocket. Smells sour now that it's open. The cat purred softly as it joined the man in his lap. The man pushed the cat away with his last bit of force. The shame. The cat limped away slowly and sat by the entrance to the room. Without hesitation, the tablets were downed and swallowed hard. This was it. Rain smashed into the windows at a furious speed. The man began slumping over. An outstretched arm made to guide his cat back home worked like nothing more needed to be said. The cat came running over and fell into his lap. You're an old cat now. I've been so tired lately. I feel old. Petting the cat gently under the chin, not breaking eye contact, the man fell into deep purple unconsciousness, cat not leaving his side.


  • really good, I like it

    Sep 17, 2020

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