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Universe wide and large enough for all
Decorated with beautiful creatures
Stars shines brighter in the night
When moon illuminates, darkness disappear
With all, I'm alone in my world!

The waves of the sea seem magical
Air could birth a life
Amazing, hearing the songs of the bird
Still, i feel alone in my world.

Sitting in the midst of thousands
Couldn't stop my feeling
I was once made to be broken
I vowed it won't get to me
Seem my best has been swallowed
While I claimed to be unbothered
Now i say I'm alone in my world.

I could see my eyes spinning
Bubbles blowing from my head
When i speak they take it as a joke
I'm really alone in my world.

The one i hoped to hold hands with
Breaks the ice with a sword
I never cherished lofty things
Attentive ears and caring heart
All i need to feel among 
And enjoy the beauty of the universe.



  • Sep 17, 2020

  • Sep 21, 2020

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