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It's that time again ghouls ghost goblins. Its gonna be more scary than you can fathom this is the year you all remember. Freddy is awake while sandman puts you to sleep. Theses nightmares aren't for the weak. So just be ready to get your fears touched. This is where 2020 sees if saying when is enough. Zombies are realer than you know it's the people around you that will not be home. it's that time of year time to let go. Let go of your fears cause they are what's gonna eat you forget about candy it's no trick or treat who. Kids dress like no other the best costume will be lost in the chaos. The rest shall perish, 2020 Halloween is coming to life. Witches brew up spells while demons mock you there is no escape from this night of beasts the  spritely harlequin. They'll eat you on site the more scarred the better it's your fears that fill the bellies. Dont you feet now its Halloween 2020 isnt this what you expect from a year like me. Fear mongols implied we should be scared dont go out on this night of airs when the devils out to best us remind you hes there only to test us. Trick or treat for your candy let the people know you wont stay home empty handed. You've dressed as the worst of the best your devil costume has him shaken at best. Dont lose hope and hold on to what means the most. This is a holiday no one has to know. Promise frights that last a lifetime cause it's short and who knows when we'll have a next time. To see the world through caveated whispers this is just a day of amazing wonders. Happy holloween


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