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The skies change colors oftentimes
Blue, purple to many different shades
As becoming a blessing in various ways
In joys nor in sorrows be like the sky, stays.

It's not always after the kaleidoscopic heavens
Sometimes it is also about the fluffy clouds
Gray, dark gray or white as it parades
Roaming far and wide as if it facades..

As to her you need to guess
Being apathetic is all she airs
She smiles as if there's no uncertainties
So none can guess of her every tears.

She rise and face the strifes
Little did you know she prays -
To the One who gave her the guts
Upholds her whenever she gone amiss.

For life is not always about the rhymes
It's a mixed of ups and downs
To make different melodies into chimes
As you noticed all I am saying ends with "s"

"s" denotes as plurality and present tense to verbs
As my countless thanks to the Lord over the years
If I am to choose between the skies or the clouds..
Being a blessing even in darkness of times or
to be as clouds with happy-go-carefree vibes?

At times our humanness can be both...

26. I'd rather choose the one who chose me first over my bare mistakes. Thank You, Jesus! ❤️


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