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I've got back those residual under tones, and now I'm gonna keep throwing in stones. The waters a bit cold now, this minds finally coming together with that fight I said I'd start so many times for so long now. This darkness is starting to lose it's totality hold now, light keeps freckling in now. Slowly but surely now, this black cloud won't be the only thing that surrounds. I even started picking my feet up, up off the ground, every time I walk around now, still flicking my feet every step like I'm Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  I'm finally getting my mood back, I never settled cuz I gave into my friends and my family kept constantly saying y'all were too good for a low life like me. I really can't say that I'm sorry, but know I'm finally getting back to that certain person who still had a firm hold of belief. Trying too hard kept having me so constantly down on my knees, now I can see straight with these lenses that God gave to me. I'll no longer be shaken by a process that was gonna end up being the so called death of me. Right here's where I'm gonna plant the seed, and as it grows I won't forget to pull every last weed. These coming days, I'm never gonna stop thinking of ways to get out of the current maze, so I'll keep looking forward to these coming days. 


  • Sep 17, 2020

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