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I remember that day like it was yesterday, I woke up early around 5 am, on my way to work it was actually my day off. I was going for product training. Truth is I wasn't in a mood for it, because I rather be home with my family... Anyway l had to attend that training as my manager advised how important it is.

By 6 o'clock I was at a taxi rank, I was running a bit late, training was supposed to be at 9 am, and I am staying in pretoria while I work in Johannesburg. To make matters worse is Monday, the taxi rank is packed. Finally my turn came I got inside a sky blue taxi.

Traffic was just so slow, I will even fall asleep and wake up, still stucked on seat was behind the taxi driver seat and I was resting my head behind his seat, falling asleep until I got a very rude awakening, our taxi got involved in an accident, For some reason I thought I was dreaming.

I saw other passengers getting off, while others were jumping through the window, I was just sitting there like I am watching a movie until I touched my face saw blood, I tried to stand up, I couldn't my legs were stucked between the drivers seat and my seat.

I called for help, then I saw the driver unconscious laying on his seat, I think I fainted because I don't remember how I got out of the taxi or who helped me, how? next thing me some other injured passengers were on the open field, sorrounded by strangers, including police, my face was still bleeding, and I still couldn't stand up on my own.

I took my cell phone out to check my face, blood was all over my face, even though my legs were injured I was only worried my about my face, and immediately cried after seeing my face, I am woman after all... good Samaritan were trying to console me telling me the ambulance was coming, while other people were taking pictures of me with their phones.

The ambulance finally came took us to hospital, I was admitted, The first doctor did some stitches next to my left eye, because my skin was open  and I also had a knee fracture on my right leg, and they put on plasters on the injured leg, had to walk with crutches, the doctor advised me to not touch the floor with the injured leg for a full month.

2 days later I was discharged I didn't know how to walk on crutches, but I managed. It was very tough on me and my family, I remember when I got home my 2 year old son was excited and running towards me , and as he got closer, he starred at me for a long time, I tried hugging him, he moved away quickly like he was afraid of me. I almost cried, my mom told me to be strong and not cry in front of him.

Whenever I had to go out, I had to deal with people starring, some gossiping, while other where bold enough to ask me what happened... I hated it... But I understood is normal human nature to be curious..

My family was very helpful and never complained , though I felt like a burden at times, they had to literally look after me and my son, do stuff for me.. That difficult process made me realize who got my back, and who my real friends are.

It took me 4 months for me to be able to walk properly, with help of physiotherapy sessions , prayer and my supportive family and I am now well and able to walk proper, even though the knee pain doesn't fully go away, it get better daily...people can't even recognize I had some stitches done on my face is like nothing ever happened....time really heal...


  • Sep 16, 2020

  • Linford Ayub

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    Sep 16, 2020

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