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Momma please stop cryin
I cant stand the sound
Your pain is painful and its tearin me down
Daddy please stop screamin its an awful sound
You guys have made my smile turn upside down
I skipped online school today because of how you act
Theres a tunnel that brings me down to hell and back
I hear glasses breakin as i sit up in my bed 
All this abusive pain is hurtin my head
I have troubles at night no i cant sleep
Because of things u guys have said and done to me
Stop fuckin up my daddy has once said
Sometimes he makes me wish that i were dead
In our family portrait we look so happy
I guess that love has ruined our family
Ill always love them and thats for sure
But at some point u stop carin
I dont even purr


  • love it

    Sep 16, 2020

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