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I'm jealous when I'm insecure. 
 I think too much when I can barely move.  
I get angry quickly when things don't go my way,
 But I calm down when I catch cold air in my breath.  

Yes, I got issues.  
When I'm down, sometimes I cry. 
 When I get up,
 I don't forget who pushed me aside.

  You don't have to judge me 
More than I judge myself.
You don't have to tell me lies, 
Because lies make me lose the confidence. 

 You don't have to touch me,
If you want to hit.
You don't have to stay,
 If you want to leave. 

 Yes, I got issues.
 But if you can't cure them, don't touch.
I don't want new wounds 
In the place where I have scars.


  • Sep 16, 2020

  • hope with time you get to resolve them, great interesting written work, all the best from the UK 😊👍✌

    Sep 16, 2020

  • Sep 16, 2020

  • so beautifully expressed! there is strength in vulnerability, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us ❤

    Sep 16, 2020

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