Illusions Of Source: Part 3 Read Count : 14

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As Buddy fell down the steep blackness of nothingness he came to realize he was no longer falling. He was now on the black sheet. His head laid on it like it was a cushion. It was soft ground that he luckily fell on. 
"Am I dead? Is this where you go when you die?"
A voice called out in the midst of the black patience, that induced the floors and all around his known world. 
"Friend, is that you, it's been so long …. Where have you been?"
Buddy turned thinking "Where is that voice coming from ?"
"It's me Recellious, I've been stuck here, for quite some time. I fell down years ago when we first landed in this place." 
The shock fuddled his body. 
"How is that possible? I was the one that fell from the floor we were on." 
Worry began to spike down his shoulders and onto his spine. The old man got closer and his body quivered, in exhaustment. 
"Buddy, look around and tell yourself the truth. What do you think has happened?"
There was nothing to look around to but for a split second, he did, and he saw the souls of earth who wallow in horror painted on the walls, that he may now see for eternity. Disgust begot his face and his freedom beckoned at him, his dread worsened at every creek the man made. 
"You cannot escape, I have been here for many, many, many long years."
"Ok maybe so… but how is it possible you are here, if your younger self is up there?"
" Isn't obvious, I am from a different reality, we have both fallen into the same hole that combined us into the same one. When I landed on the whole I met others of you's and me's. I've also met others who aren't you and me."
" But how is it possible if we've landed in the unknown, how is it possible we came about this place."
" I am not sure but the butterfly effect has to come in place, I'd say…. No? I've seen numerous men who have gone through the things in which we are in. Isolation conducted by our minds own manipulation. I in the future must have done something to have gotten me stuck but in this case for me it would be in the past. For I have already done it, without my knowing of it." 
"How's that so, if I am here?"
"I can't say, maybe I did something to where you fell down the whole instead of me, but that wouldn't make sense. I was trying to find you back in my time when I was younger." 
" Then it isn't the butterfly effect, at least I don't think. Maybe this whole of a hole that we fell in, is made of different realities that have been impacted to show us different time zones. Maybe you're not from my reality, maybe you belong to another. You said there were other you's and me's, so it's probable that theory is more correct… No?. The other theory is more absurd than this one, especially due to our circumstances." 
" Maybe."  The old man said, out of his old rusty pipes.

© Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin

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  • it was a lot to get my head round but I enjoyed the read, thanks for posting it.

    Sep 15, 2020

  • Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin

    Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin

    Thank youuu!

    Sep 16, 2020

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