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I can't marry a poet 
When my name is not juliet
Can't bear to live in regret
For he won't be able to give me amulet.

In sickness, ink his is tablet
He would see a book as omelet
Do you get?
Writing will be his only pet.

He won't mind changing my name to violet
So he could get a rhyme to his duet
Leave me all alone inside the net
Loneliness will take me away, like I'm on diet.

He can't keep quiet
To all our little secret
He see's me as a template
So he would be seen as a poet.

In his free time, always on target
Poetry slam challenge his only rivet
My everyword he'll reinterpret
If i didn't marry him somewhat!
To begin with I'm a starlet.


  • Sep 15, 2020

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