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My brother
He Is so strong
Some people think it's wrong
He goes to school like a normal kid
But in life... the word normal we rid
He is very special that's for sure
The music he listens to... it helps him cure
The bad in his heart 
The music brings together the broken parts
The tunes of the lord or whoever's up above
Whoever he or she is Neahmya is definitely their angel dove
He loves to sing and dance 
I pray that the Lords give him that chance
He has a fiance he loves her very so
I love him more than he will ever know
I take care of him when he is very sad
Also when he feels very bad
He has add adhd ocd to
The things me and him love to do
He has seizures and his stomach is on the wrong side
Very many times I have cried
Afraid of what is his fate 
And when it ends and on what date
He has deppresion and anxiety to
Bipolar and sometimes he wears mismatched shoes
Just to be funny and make us laugh
He is very special In many different ways
I love the way I spend my my days


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