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I believe that writers build their own heaven,
Where they hide their tears and become
Clowns to entertain the reader.

  I think a book is like a movie,
But the funny part is that you can choose
The characters of the story from your
Imagination or from your real life.

I think a book is like a movie,
Where you learn the lines you like the most
And you can use them afterwards
With the people you want to talk about.

I believe that the writer builds their own empire,
They are the heroes of today,
Breathing through the written pages,
Stealing a piece of soul from the reader's heart.

I believe that the writer lives forever,
Even after the book has been read it,
Remains as a shadow in the thoughts
Of the witnesses forever.


  • Oct 18, 2020

  • Love this!💜

    Oct 18, 2020

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