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Together they rushed into the truck she hit the lights and he pulled the covers over them. She quickly jumped into the back seat. He smiled and stood there for a second soaking it all in. Come on she said to him. Oh he answered back. He pulled off his shirt and reached for his jeans as he unbuttoned them she moved her hand across his cut shoulders and dropped her other into his pants. He finished removing them just as she took hold of him swallowing him in her mouth.. He grew hard and she fell deeper into him. It was crowded in the back seat but it was ok. He reached to touch her then she pulled away pushing his hand back with her own. Not yet! She said as she took him in hdr  throat again. Ahh he gasped as he grabed from behind and pushed her into him again and again. She pulled away and stood over him with her shorts on. He reaches and pulls thm and her wet panties to one side. He can feel her dripping wet all over him. Now you want it he ask? Ya she said! I want it so fucking bad? He grabes his dick and places it into her soaking wet throbing pussy and she slowly began to set down on his hard cock taking it a little more each time. She moaned as it filled her little hole with his big dick. She was soaking wet but so tight and taking him in deep. She spread her legs and fell down and his cock is inside of her. He wraps his arms around her and flips her down into the seat on her back with both her legs open and begins to slam himself against her harder and harder. Oh she cries out don't stop! Fuck me she screams out to him. He gives her what she wants as he feels her cum over him making him harder than before and her wetter than before. He slows down and pulls himself out then scoots himself back and pulls her to him. She places her left leg into the back window and he pushes her right leg open and holds it against the back of the front passenger seat. You ok baby? he ask her. Oh ya I'm fine. Why? What are you going to do to me? She ask. He raises up and hovers over her leans in and kisses her then whispers. I'm going to put my dick inside of your little tight pussy but it's bigger now than it was a few minuets ago. How is that? She replied with a smile. Good blood flow I can feel it swelling up. He grabs his cock and lays it against her wet stretched pussy.and begins slapping it with his hard dick. She sighs out for him and he starts pushing down with his thumb against the head watching as it slowly slides into her tight hole. He can already feel a big difference in how she feels.. well can you tell? He ask. A little I think. She replies and he leans in against her feeding his massave cock into her tight little sretched pussy. Oh oh she cries out your dick is so fucking big. Fuck it's huge put it in me. Awe it feels so good don't stop. He begins fucking her a little deeper with every stroke untile she starts to shake. Are u ok? he ask while still inside her pussy . Fuck ya dont stop! baby don't stop!  please don't stop!... He drops his dick deep inside of her and slams himself against her again and again. She moans and cries as he gives her all the dick she cries for and he feels himself about to cum he opens her legs with his palms and ask her. Do you want me to cum inside of you? Yes i do! I want your hot cum indide of me. Give it to me baby!!! He thrust one last time and starts to give her his seed as he holds his position and fills her with his load. It's so fucking good don't stop she ask.. He begins to stroke her a few times and he starts geting hard again. She is soaked in cum and wet as his cock begins to fuck her more and more.  Oh shit! she cries as she pulls him by the back of the neck to her. Face to face she kisses him as he fucks her throbing pussy. Still locked together she mumms loader and loader as she begins cuming over and over.  He feels her legs relax in his grip and finishes cuming inside of her and relaxes.  holding on to her body embarassing her against his own. You are so good baby!.  he tells her kissing her on her soft lips. You are so good baby! you are so good!  she replies.
© Thomas Lynn 


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    Oct 19, 2020

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