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You are so pretty
Gorgeous and beautiful 
You make me happy
I need to see you again and again,
I love to close my eyes
And I dream and fantasize 
Of all the wonderful things
You love doing to me.

It's a strange kind of love
A way to enjoy yourself 
Behind every door 
Anywhere you look.

I can see the future
Now that you believe in me
Before you
 I believed anything,
Angels don't let them 
Clip your wings
You are always meant to feel free
To love any one you see.

You are all meant to be good
Soft and gentle
To each other and everyone 
Always and all the time.

Everyone's lifestory is for the entire universe to see
Everybody is being watched
And listened to
Constantly and permanently,
Yes! Everybody is a star
Inside their own films, programs and dreams,
I have been loving you
From the very first time I saw you
With my eyes.


  • Oct 18, 2020

  • this poem is a song I like to sing which is inspired by another song, dedicated to Nat for of course apart than love she is usually my only audience and devoted wife, hope ya'll like it.

    Oct 18, 2020

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