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When I was little, 
I wanted to grow up fast.
  Now that I understand life better,
I would like to be a child.

  When I was little I quickly got bored of toys.
 Now I would like to play the old games again.

  When I was little, 
I was in love with sweets.
I ate in hidden places
 Where I could never be found.

 I did not want to share
My happiness with others.
Now I do not eat with the same lust, 
At least a simple candy.

Hmmm... My happiness now... 
 Takes more serious reasons.

When I was little it seemed like
 The world was a fairy tale, 
But the years passed 
And I saw that it could also 
Become a nightmare.  

Years passed and all I wanted was
 To keep an ounce of innocence,
 To believe again that life can be
 As it seemed to me...
When I was a child wild and free. 


  • Oct 18, 2020

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