The Greatest Lesson Read Count : 78

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God slipped your name into my tears, 
And passed our story 
As the greatest lesson.  

God knew from the beginning
 How much I would love you...
And even so, He chose
 Not to leave you too close to me.  

Thousands of thoughts separate us,
 The fears that pierce my chest,
 Crushing even my lungs, 
Nothing can lift me back to you.  

I have no space in my life,
 Running to the desert, 
Looking for an oasis of light,
 In the middle of the wilderness. 

 The wind steals my body, 
The dust shakes my soul,
 My salty tears foretell the storm,
No one can compare to you.


  • Oct 17, 2020

  • Oct 17, 2020

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