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I was born in 1987.  30th August to be exsact, I was born imortal with blood of both a Vampire and a Werewolf.. amongst my kind I'm known as a hybrid or pure blood, unfortunately I'm the only one of my kind. Though there are pure bloods like me but they are either a Vampire or a Warewolf not a mix of both, like me.  In my younger years I was taught the ways of a Vampire by my father Sir Ignis Lee Lewis. He was a count, a High Vampire and very much respected by his kind but also feared by many to.   My mother a Warewolf, under the Imortal law a Vampire and Warewolf are imortal enemies and if one was to mate with another you are to be banshed from the clan or worst killed.  Unfortunately for a Warewolf a mate is for life and as my mother explained that a female of her kind mates for life because her wolven instincts tell her of her mate that once she feels is close will follow that sent for the rest of her life.   To my mothers surprise it turned out that sent was my father's, that wolven instinct she felt was that of a Vampire.   My father.
 I always remember the stories my parents told me of the days they roamed the world, My father telling me stories dating back to the early 1800s and my mother the same but she was born a decade later..  looking back now and thinking to myself as I'm writing this it's quite hard to imagine the actual age of both my father and mother. They were both turned by one of their kind, my father being in the mid 1800s, my mother on the other hand never told me how she became a Warewolf but she said she had always regretted it and never stopped searching for the ones who had turned her to one of them. Vengeance is deadly when an imortal rages, and my mother being a Warewolf you can imagine how much of a rage she had in her.   When both my mum and dad met. They always said it was fate, and that my birth was a blessing and faith intervened, they always believed that my being born was for a reason.  Because back then there was a war between Vampires and Warewolves, it has been going on for thousands of years.  And who knows when it will end.

My name is Carl, I'm now 33 years old and I look quite young like in my early 20s.   I have short dark hair and a finely cut beard, I'm 5"8 in hight and quite well toned naturally (thats a trait of a Warewolf) our physique is naturally big and strong.  I'm 10x stronger than a human, my natural instincts and sense are heightened by a thousand. I have tattoos and green eyes.  Been told I'm quite the looker actually *chuckles to myself*. 
 So let me explain what an actual hybrid is. It's a cross between a Vampire and a Warewolf, a mix of both bloods, I can't die by natural causes or man made effects such as weapons like a gun or knife etc.  I have Vampire traits along side a Warewolf trait..  I don't turn into a Warewolf like you see with other Warewolves, no, not at all infact I turn to a stronger version of myself my physique grows bigger and stronger my eyes turn gold and my hair silver.  I've no name for it, it just happens. But it only seems to happen when I feel a sense of anger or sorrow.  The first time it happened was when I witnessed my mother get killed by one of her own kind, my father not long after.  Thats when I realised who I actually was or what I actually was. 
  You can't kill me, but you can kill my kind. Like my father and mother said "they can't kill you, but they can kill ones like you.. if you can kill one you can kill them all Carl...."  


  • Oct 17, 2020

  • Oct 17, 2020

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