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Have you had troubles?
Everyone should say yes
Do u wish u were in a bubble? 
So u didn't get hurt or even stressed
I say no 
Because hurt is what made me who I am
Pain and abuse is what made me who i am
I may not be perfect
 I may not even be worth it 
But if u see this  
Answer my questions 
And be completely honest 
And I will respond to everyone who comments 
And tell them tips to help them throughout their life
I know I'm only 12 but I have learned so much in the years I have been alive
I know how to work thro anxiety and depression I know tips to tell u about bipolar and adhd 
If u need help comment and dm me if it's more personal 
Pls if u see this know that everyone is important including u know that if you need help people are there for you so pls tell me if u need help and wut u need help with


  • Lina  a

    Lina A

    You’re brave little one ❤️

    Oct 17, 2020

  • abd azeez oludare

    Abd Azeez Oludare


    Oct 25, 2020

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