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Stay strong they say  
Your supposed to save the day
Act like you're fine
even though nothing is alright
Fight for what you want in life
Your supposed to stay alive
And not pass away
Like you want anyways
U hurt hervl like she hurt u
But fight for yourself 
And you should pull through

The emotions that life comes with
Life's supposed a gift
That wasn't my wish
My wish was for her 
To get better 
Better than she is
I wished her a goodnight kiss
A magic one that will help her heal
But not today
for now to the crell we kneel

As you pray
For her to get better
As you fray
Afraid of me the devil
You cry in fear
As they fight
U don't know who's wrong 
Or who's right
The dark inside 
I guess it overwhelms u
Turn off the light
And I will tell u

I don't care bout what you think 
I'm just so scared my heart might shrink
And I don't care bout how you
 I care about bout the person that's real
Real in
Real in my heart
the person I cry for
she doesn't tear me apart
I love her so I'm sure she loves me
I just hope she stays full of glee
I pray she stays happy
And not fray
Like I've done so crappily
Almost every day

Oh yes I'm sure that you don't care
Bout me
 but it's hard to bare
And I'm sure that u can't breathe
because how you feel
 that's just between you and me
I know you love her
she don't love you 
So just give up just shoot the gun pew
I'm sure you care about how she feels
24 7 around the clock thinking bout her non stop
And I'm sure that it's hard to know that she found her heart 
Her other half her soulmate I guess I could say 
And ur not that it won't end up that way

I love her 
I don't care that she found someone she loves well I do so I'll just get some gloves
 to keep my hands off to keep away if that person even shoves her he's dead for the day
And we will always be best friends and I pray that that never ends


  • KayDance Smith

    KayDance Smith

    i hope you like itπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    Oct 17, 2020

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