I Don't Care Anymore😢 Read Count : 14

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Sub Category : R&B/Soul
I don't care no more
Not bout my life
Just throw it out that door
How do I even strive 
With this man around 
He makes me feel so safe and sound
Then he turns around and says 
Fuck you all
And asks for a fucking brawl
I don't care at all 
The walls are caving in 
My whole life is just a sin
I'd rather be dead
Nothing more said
I'd rather run away 
Instead of save the day
Like I always do 
For my sister to
Once again
Rather be dead
Than listen to the screaming
inside my head 
They say your not good enough
Or why do you act so tough
Stop fucking up
I'm not slipping up
I just wish my frown
Could be turned upside down
I'd rather be dead
Than listen to the fight
Inside my head
Am I wrong or right for what I do
Sticking up for my friends 
Even my mother to


  • KayDance Smith

    KayDance Smith

    i hope you like it

    Oct 16, 2020

  • Oct 16, 2020

  • Akia Walker

    Akia Walker


    Oct 16, 2020

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