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Loneliness, you are my best friend. 
When the others left me,
You came into my world  -
To taught me,
How to be strong without them.

Loneliness, you put the pen in my hand
And taught me to write about
The stories of my life -
Mixing words like a blender.

Loneliness, you polished me like a diamond,
Making me enjoy my own company
In the quiet of the village,
Where I can touch the shade of the trees,
Where I can see the light of my tears.

  Loneliness I have much to learn from you,
Resting in the shadow of my soul.
I can discover things unknown to me,
Loneliness, you're the best teacher for me.


  • Oct 16, 2020

  • Oct 16, 2020

  • Oct 16, 2020

  • Oct 24, 2020

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