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Live to stay alive

You're in a Forest it's not very bright it's almost dark really the leaves on trees blocks your sight
How you got here is a mystery you woke up you thought you were in a dream it was morning you believe and you were laying against a tree but what you saw with your eyes made you scream
You were covered in ants from head to toe you got up and shook them off and you looked around everything that you saw looked the same to you and didn't know which way to go
You check your pockets you found some matches that will come in handy some string some bubblegum and some hard candy
There was also a bottled water that was laying next to you on the ground it was half full not much but that's all you had too bad you couldn't go to the lost and found
Then the wind started to blow it was cold and it whistled as it blew over your head it had a slight mist with it that brought the rain you just wish you were dead
The rain got you soaking wet from top of your head to the bottom of your feet not very kind it gave you Goosebumps and sent shivers up and down your spine
There are no signs anywhere showing you an exit or even a map that could have pointed you a way to get you home so you can take a nap
You came across a trail two days ago that meandered through the forest every which way you walked over hills through tiny Brooks and streams  but it seems that this trail just likes to play
You have been able to find berries and nuts plenty of fresh water to drink and the first living thing you meet was a skunk and it sprayed you making you stink
Later that day you ran into a cold icy stream there you were able to wash off the stench with cold water though made you scream
Everything still looked the same one tree to the next there's no end in sight you
 are getting frustrated you're tired and you haven't had much rest  4 days now you've been walking day and night
You have heard birds singing way up in the trees just not enough light for you to see them flying in the air fancy free
On the fifth day it started out nice you were lucky in the end though your life was almost the price
You were on a hilltop knelling down against some rocks too tie your shoe when you heard sound
There not more than 15 feet away was a mountain lion it hasn't seen you yet but 
If it did you wouldn’t be there, you’d be running I bet
You didn't make a sound or did you move a muscle you just observed and then waited for it to  make the first move you're getting cramps in your legs and you were getting frustrated
You decided to stick your head up and take a peek he was gone how long he's been gone you have no idea what a creep
 The trail lead you to a gorge and the only way across was a tree that fell then you saw that big cat he was coming at you your hands went into the air and you begin to scream help me and you started running like hell 
I can't want to cheat wanted to make you is dinner the first one to the tree would be the winner
You never ran so fast in your life except for that time in New Orleans when someone was chasing you with the butter knife
That tree will not hold 2 it's very small but it belong to you now because you got there first after all
You are halfway across when that cat decided he was coming too you yelled this is my tree get off as a tree began to break in two
You jumped from the tree to the other side you landed on top of a cactus that made you forget your pride
You never have yelled that loud before in your life not even the time you got stuck marrying your wife
You're bleeding and you cannot move anymore then the lights came on and you saw an open door
Your friends came in yelling and screaming and giving you high fives because  you were number one on the leaderboard because you made it across the gorge and survived
A game you play to win if you lose you just take another spin
 In life if shot in the head lights out game over you're stone cold dead
In a game you play to survive in life you live to stay alive


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