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Once there was a girl her name was Sofia. It was night, she was doing dinner... and she was  finishing her dinner till than she got a coin of 1 rupee in rice. The same happened the next and this all was  happening for continue 2 weeks. She thought that by mistake her coin is going in rice. But the next week she got a coin of 5 rupees. She thought that God is giving her this.

The next day, She took all the rice by thinking that I take 1 glass rice everyday so I get 1 coin, If I talk 50 glasses so I can get 240-250 rupees let me cook 50 glass.

When she cooked all this she thought that it would take time to cook because they are more and she has kept the gas on high flame and only 1 glass of water was there in 50 glass rice.

Than Sofia got a phone call from her sister, and she was taking from half an hour and there the rice was burning after some time she smelled like something is burning and remembered that I have kept rice and when she got up to close the gas button the rice was fully burned.

God does not all that we want, God gives us all that is good for us

This is my first story If you wants more stories like ghost and all, Tell me in comment๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


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    Oct 16, 2020

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