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I Got That Monkey Off My Back

My will that part me that give me strength will never break you may hurt me and make me cry or stab be in the back with iron stake
You may steal my money and my name but you will never win this game

For you see at the end of the day I’m still me the same man I was yesterday

You stole everything from me but you did not take my pride I won’t beg or cry keep what you took I hope you enjoyed the ride

I don’t hate you because you have been a good friend at times for that I wish you well but you have taken the last of my dimes

It didn’t have to end this way your just not the same once you were kind and lived life as a game 

Now all you think about is money and the hustle it grabbed you and won’t let you go  I tried to help but after we had that tussle

I could see you were never going to be the person I first met that was years ago while waiting for the bus under that oak tree with your pet

I wish you the best my friend thanks again for all the good times we had those were the days when we both laughed and had a lot of fun but we never got mad
I will cherish the memories they were great times but now I move ahead a little smarter and a little poorer since you took all my nickels and dimes

Funny this morning I felt awesome I even did some sit-ups  and jumping jacks it feels good that I got that monkey off my back


  • Oct 16, 2020

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