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Be The Best You Can Be

Don't ever believe that you can't be one of a kind like a diamond you just need some spit and polish you will shine
Nothing in life comes easy it takes hard work and plenty of grit stay on the straight and narrow it's harder and never quit
Once you take that path to temptation it always dead ends it will lead you down to your damnation
When it get to the point that it's really rough and you're stuck you haven't moved in a while and you had just about had enough
I will give you some advice it doesn't ever get any easier so don't pout just close your eyes really tight take a deep breath then give us your best and let out that shout
All your frustration all your anger let it catch the wind and blow it away from your sight feel better now look at your problem and you will find your answer if you look at it at in a different light

Your heart will guide you along the way to the finishing line and it will let you know when you reached your goal so you can show everyone how brightly you shine
Just believe and have faith in what you have learnt you are meant to accomplish great things not sit around in the dirt
Trust in yourself and your skills they will help you as you swim the deepest oceans and climb the highest hills
You may not always win or put a medal on your chest just never stop trying to be the best that you can be


  • Great words, I'm trying to do this, healing is definitely not easy.

    Oct 15, 2020

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