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Walking through the garden. 
Occupied with many beautiful 
Flowers, but with different fragrance. 

Some with beautiful appearance at a glance, 
But harmful fragrance. Some with awkward 
Appearance, but replicating  sweet fragrance .

I converge. 
My attention was totally converge to the beauty. 
I’m astonished ,
I keep on brainstorming on the beauty instead of the effect of the beauty it replicate .
My attention drift away, 
It drift away from what they 
I judge on beauty instead of the effect. 

  Like “Demas”.
I ignored the knowledge have acquired ,
Because I saw beauty instead of effect. 

I ignored .
I ignored because I judge things by their outer manifestation not the effect. 
I ignored because I judge beauty by what I saw, 
Because of the attraction it communicate. 

I pay.
 putting my life at stake,
Cause of my insensitivity to 
The alarm of danger. 
I suffer because I thought 
All I saw is all there is. 

What I ought to have learnt 
Just by listening to the alarm. 
I pay with my time and 

I pay cause I failed to realize ,
That beauty is in the effect being replicated,
Not on the beauty .
I took death, 
Thinking it’s life. 
The sweet fragrance pierce me slowly .
I kept it secret cause of my status,
What men will say.
My eyes are wet with tears, 
I cry a river in my closet, 
I behave as if nothing is on.
It’s a matter of time I realized.
I realize what not being said, 
Is what kills mustly,
I realised am doing my self no good in hiding it.
Instead am killing my self. 
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  • Oct 15, 2020

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    Silver Sec B


    Oct 15, 2020

  • Oct 15, 2020

  • Oct 15, 2020

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