Touched By The Prophet; Kissed By The Prophet Read Count : 10

Category : Poems

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I enter the cave
He was praying 
To the one true God 
He invited me
To sit beside
Him (PBUH)
When he finishes praying 
This beautiful and handsome 
Kisses me passionately
As if he never saw a woman
Gets between
My thighs 
And makes love 
To me 
In which other girls would dream 
And I accept his advances 
And touches
He said Sufi Mustafa
Allah love you
Great things will happen
And you're blessed
Things will be revealed 
To you
As he holds my hand
Kisses me
And then disappears 
I wake up
Touched spiritually and physically 
In way no one can imagine 


  • Oct 15, 2020

  • Oct 15, 2020

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