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So I'm at school right now it 7:45 can't wait until 2. At that time I well be able to go home. Friends are crying... Im just so confused because this morning my other friend is taken but still likes me? How and y. Can't wait until summer again. I don't want snow or school, I just want to go back home and sleep. After I finish school I have to find a job. 12 years of school it's so stupid. Im tired and hungry so that doesn't help with me being angry. Again my friend still upset I don't know what to say. I feel bad for just letting him sitt there. Now back to my other friend he acts like he likes me but has a girlfriend. Im tired of him acting like this twords me. I say this all and he brings me back but a simple hello. Y am I like this. I have to much feelings. It's all so overwhelming. My hed hurting and can not stop thanking. Me wish things well change but it doesn't feel like it well. 


  • Lina  a

    Lina A

    You should tell him your feelings

    Oct 17, 2020

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