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learn to make their own diamond ring

When I was young man there was an accident and my eyes were broken for sight just because they don't work and fail to pick up the light

That does not mean I can't see I had to work hard it was a terrible fight but I was able to train my mind to look at things in a different light

A bat eyesight is worse than mine and that almost made me cry but he's able to soar here and there he is all over the sky

He doesn't hit a tree or a telephone pole and nothing gets in his way really amazing when you think of it and I did for several weeks then one day

When my eyes are completely closed shut no light can penetrate completely dark it must be then my mind turns what I hear into pictures that I can now in my mind see

This new world opens everything back up that was once closed for me now I can do those magnificent impossible dreams that will set man free

For you see I am blind in the light when I use my mind to see I can see everything even at night

I see you in a little bit different way but shapes and color and size works the same night or day

The way I use my mind to see has open new doors that were locked or they were never there before

Now that I am able to see I can unlock these doors so we can go through them and explorer

New worlds to fine and new problems to solve the race of men have face many crossroads and have overcame the dangers and have evolved

Every obstacle that the race of man have faced throughout the years they have found a way to overcome them and not be disgraced

I have learned to listen with my heart since my ears help me see everything, I have learned that every one of us have a song that their heart sings

It sings a song about love that comes from way up above to let us find our soulmate that fits us like a glove

Once you can learn to hear your heart sing you'll be set free to fly on butterfly wings

To fly way up high into the baby blue sky too sore way above to listen to your soulmate song of love

So open your eyes and see for the first time that we are all the same stopped trying to hurt each other I don't play that game

If everybody can learn to listen with their hearts then everyone can hear their hearts sing their song of love to find their one true love so they can learn to make their own diamond ring


  • Oct 15, 2020

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