God, Come Back To Me, Please Read Count : 11

Category : Poems

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God, take care of my soul
Because I feel like an abandoned boat
In the mists of desertion. 

I feel like I'm lost,
Looking for worthless things,
In people who have
Nothing good to offer me.

God, lift the sword above my head,
And repair the broken pieces of my soul. 
God, I'm nothing without you.
  Please, stay!
Please stay with me forever!

  God, I am the dust
That binds in the wood.
God, I have a desolate soul
Left in a fragile skin.

I feel my skin sting,
The worms want to pierce my flesh.
I pray with hot tears...
Come back to me!
God, come back to me, please.


  • Oct 14, 2020

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