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I'll see you again,
 If I don't meet you by chance on the street, 
I'll definitely meet you in my dreams. 

 I will lie down in the place
 Where you first kissed my lips.
  I'll walk you by the hand to the coffee shop,
 Where you hugged me for the first time.

  I will take you to the sea 
That heard you say "I love you" for the first time.
 I will take you to the park where you shed
 The first tear of longing,
When you said to me: "I missed you, my darling. "

 I will let you walk through my thoughts 
Letting you find whole pieces of my heart-
 Waiting for you to stick them back, 
To be reborn from the ashes that made me blind.


  • Oct 14, 2020

  • Oct 14, 2020

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