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Poorer than the one who has no money,
Is the one who has no feelings inside.

More helpless than the one
Who carries many years back,
Is the one who no longer sees
The right path to go forward. 

Sicker than the one who takes medicine
To heal his physical pain,
Is the one who cannot find medicine
To heal his bloody soul first. 

More silent than the dumb
One who cannot speak,
Is the one who has a voice inside,
But who cannot make his voice heard.

Deafer than the one who cannot hear,
Is the one who hears everything,
But has no reaction.

  Poorer than the one
Who has no money for a loaf of bread,
Is the one who became the slave of money, Believing that he is the king,
When he is just a guardian.


  • Oct 14, 2020

  • Oct 14, 2020

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