They Try To Close The Doors Of The Churches Read Count : 39

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They try to close the doors of the churches,
 One by one by force.
While the masons drive us home,
 Locking us in quarantine again. 

 Lord, pour out Your power over our heads - 
 And break our windows and leave us, 
As you left the birds of heaven the freedom. 

 They try to dry our faith, 
To leave us without feelings.
But you, Lord, You are above them - 
Leave us clean in prayer. 

 They are trying
 To erase Your name from our lips,
They want to crucify you once again.

But You, Lord, do not take your name 
From our hearts, 
Let us be protected by Your wonderful hands.  

They try but fail, 
Because even the birds
 Cannot fly over the sky,
 They try, but their hatred will destroy them.


  • Oct 14, 2020

  • Oct 14, 2020

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