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New beginnings possibilities are endless

I packed and left today not telling anyone I just knew I had to get away 
Nothing left but echoes of memories of a past where I once was happy and enjoyed my life with my friends but it flew by so fast
Now these memories are so precious to me they are worth more than gold they remind me of a time when I had fun with my friends, I felt alive unlike now where all I feel is numbness and cold
Years have passed me by and my friends had their own lives to lead and now I’m alone didn't have to be this way they could have stay in contact with me by calling me on the phone
My mine was damaged years ago when I was a younger man sometimes, I lived in the fantasy world which made people hard for me to understand
I like to listen to people as they told me their fabulous tales some good but most of them made me sad, I would daydream for hours of these faraway places and I had grand adventures when I’m a lad
 I was flabbergasted to learn that most of these tales were false and I truly believed I really did boy I would help all that came to my door I was so naive
 I was way too young but I met somebody and fell in love I thought she was an angel that was sent to me from above
But it was not to be she only stayed for a short while then took off on me 
My heart was shattered and is now gone since that time I have showed no emotion no kindness or love of any type not one word even if came from heaven itself I still would not trust in all its gory or hype
The teller of lies knew his trade very well since I was young and naïve, I was an easy Mark they could tell
  I listened to what people had to say why would they lie so I believed because at the time I didn’t know any better it was easy for them to deceive
I was taken advantage of and used by these tellers of lies until there was nothing left inside not one kind word left, I felt like I was abused 
I could never learn if someone was telling me the truth or if they were a teller of lies, I finally learned that the best thing to do is just stay away before someone dies 
I felt more like an animal in a cage I was angry at everyone no one could do anything right this cause me to go in a rage 
Before I knew it didn't take that long everybody was gone just like in a sad song
Today is a new day that's why I flew away 
I decided that I needed to give people another chance being alone all those years felt like somebody put a spell on me and I was in a trance
When I woke up this morning something just clicked, I knew that I was wrong and just needed my ass kicked
So I'm letting people and their kind back into my life it will take some time to let the close enough that maybe a friend I could find
I don't know what the future holds and I may not be young but I'm still not that old
All those years I wasted locked myself inside I wouldn't talk to anyone and trying to talk to me would be senseless as I stand looking at the horizon I think to myself  sometimes it's better just to start over new beginnings possibilities are endless


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