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I remember how cold I felt the snow -
Melting over my bones,
When fate snatched me from your arms,
Warning me that I would never see you again.

  I remember how much dust the wind
Brought into my eyes,
That I could no longer see
The street where I was walking home.
Feeling trapped in the desert -
Without a drop of water inside my thirsty veins.

I recognized the fire that burned
My heart several times,
But I extinguished it -
With tears flowing like the river
Under my broken skin. 

No one can bring your love back to me,
If you are not able to love me,
I still remember how everything I built fell,
Like a sandcastle in the middle of the ocean.


  • Love this!💜

    Oct 13, 2020

  • Oct 13, 2020

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