Darkest Feelings Of Your Mood Read Count : 42

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I am tired of so many rejections, 
I am pressured by so many negligences.  

After so many wars going on in my mind, 
I don't think I've ever won a battle on my own.

  I try to shake my wounds,
 To wipe alone my scars,
 I try to wipe the tears from my blind eyes,
 But I fall into a deep melancholy, 
Which reminds me of how sweet you were
 At the beginning of our relationship.

  I'm tired of half-kisses, 
Of unfinished words, 
Of abandoned walls,
 Of a heart that always 
Dances to your rhythm. 

 I'm tired and I want to stop, 
If I take another step I will definitely die,
 Your arms are used to sinking me
 In the darkest feelings of your mood.


  • Oct 13, 2020

  • Oct 13, 2020

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