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I haven’t been able to understand, why is it that mental health illnesses aren’t really taken seriously? Why do we believe that by saying, you will be okay or get over it is what will help the person? Mental health illness has been within my family’s generation for many years including myself and my son. The reason I blog about this is because of my son and myself. I have seen the good days and the bad, the ups and the down. I have seen my son’s struggles, fears, tears and pain. The loneliness the despair he feels at time and it breaks my heart. I’ve come to realize that many teenagers and young adults ( men and woman) are suffering from different types of mental illness. What are we doing to help to ease the pain the agony so many of us feel? How can we understand them and stand by them? Without making them feel embarrassed or by shaming them like their illness is contagious diseases? Sometimes even thinking that what we are feeling and the emotions are overall fake. Why isn’t our government and society paying more attention to mental health Illnesses? So many more people could be and can be saved. I would like for all of us to participate in answering these questions and asking ourself the same. 


  • Oct 13, 2020

  • Oct 13, 2020

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