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Walking in open fields..across the state lines. Watching below the steps of the feet underground mines hidden as steps are being taken. 

Come across a road to left...sign on pole says downtown. On hill 4 people stands.
Large building Windows dome shaped attached to full building. 

Two of people wonder off to road to sign on pole. As two yell there is a sound barrier between the people. 

As, walk towards the building look like school or air port. Come find out abandoned air port. No sign of any life. Empty clean and new like building. 

One person look at rotation wheels. Screw rolls. Inside and around what look like white larva. One guy take a stake pokes at it...falls to the ground. Does not move. Take a hammer and pound it. As he hit with hammer head. Expect squashed exploded juice come out of flattened larva.

But was not bug larva. Smashed grain into dust vapor. Larva Rice traps dissolved into vaporizer air filled the airport.

4 people separated different ways, Wondering  all over the airport. Each person come together after each looking over the airport. Stand in the terminal looking out windows. Open fields of weeds.

Walking towards the downtown sign. Past on side walk and streets. People are walking and exploding on cement streets and sidewalks. Hidden mines under the paved cement. 

Many Body parts flying, many bodies explode on impact of steps on these hidden mines.
From far away viewing. 

Fields and lands flooded of blood from all exploded bodies. 

Then I wook up.


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