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Two helicopters, one red with hazard decal on the side. Other black with skull and bones in white. 

Flying over in the sky at each other.

Dropping air soft pellets missles at random. Nukes exploding to lands at random buildings. Over the White House Nukes exploding empty spaces. Making aftermath of explosions. 

As Trump and Biden walk out. Right before they announce the winner.

Balloons are released. Red, White an Blue.
As the balloons float upwards. They explode with bb pellets. Falling explodes.
Throughout an over the million of people crowded around the white house.

Big Nukes are released from planes flying over. In a blink of the eye, white clouds, flames. Massacre catastrophic event of the End Times of America!

Chain reactions of dominos falling of many buildings, streets an bridges. 

Chaos all over. Smoke an debre dust. 
Empty of all humans an animals.

Planet Earth is black dot. 


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