I Can't Take Care Of You Read Count : 50

Category : Poems

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Now that I can no longer 
  Take care of you,
 I will ask the stars to guide
 Your dreams to the sky. 

 Now that I can no longer 
Use my arms to wrap you -
I will pray at night, 
To caress your bright eyes,
Even through my darkness.

  Now that the oceans 
Are scattered over the waves,
 And the weather invites the storm to dance -
I can't believe I can't save myself,
 Being blind without your empty eyes.  

Now that the moon takes the place of the sun,
 And the cold takes over the heat, 
I thought you were leading me to paradise,
But I see in front of me only a shadow stain 
That wants to take me nowhere
 And steal all the memories with you.


  • Oct 13, 2020

  • Oct 13, 2020

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