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I am safe now in my own bed

Now I see and hear strange unbelievable things that most do not because I’ve been through many traumatic experiences that has stretch my mind an awful lot
It’s been pulled this way then pushed that way but it’s been stretched every which way
My mind has been stretched as far as it will go any more stress on my mind and I will blow
If my mind does snap, I'll be stuck somewhere in a place called Inbetween
It’s on no maps or gps it’s between reality and fantasy just around corner just out of reach and too far to be seen
Now when I tell others what I see they look at me as if I'm crazy sometimes I do take more meds than I should and it makes me little hazy but it doesn’t make me crazy
I just got done taking my meds and I was yawning and I was really tired so I went to take a nap to get some rest so I could do my job tonight and not get fired
I was all wet when I woke up it was dark my eyes wouldn't focus; I gave it a few minutes and to get fully awake when I noticed I wasn't sleeping in my bed but in fact I was lying in a lake

I got up and began to walk toward the shore I was all wet from head to toe when I saw a fish walking on land wearing a boulder hat, he said good morning sir my name is Mo
Sir I have no time to talk I'm running late he then continue his walk
He did see that I was all wet he commented that is was a good morning for a bath as he walked away from me, I noticed he was counting on his fingers trying to solve an equation in math
I watch him walk down the street when I heard someone say help me, I looked up and then I looked down I saw a dragonfly Two feet long immersed in the water was he
Thank you for saving my life I have a family of five and a beautiful wife
My family would have been sad for they would have missed me so my family and I thank you again for saving my life and by the way my name is Bee
Are you new to the land of In-between I travel from one end to the other and your face I've never seen
Again, my family and I thank thee and if you ever need any help just call for Bee
Time for me to say goodbye I have to go find a place to dry
So after my wings dry I can finally get in the air and fly so I can go home I know they’re worried I would like to see all their faces and say hi
I watched Bee walk away I took my shoes and socks off so they could dry 20 minutes later I turned around and I began to cry
My black comfy shoes just sprouted wings and began to fly way up high, they flew way up into the baby blue sky
All I could do was stare as they flew away, I said goodbye and I yelled are you coming back sometime today
They ignored me and kept flying away I didn’t think I was going to see them anymore I just bought them brand new a few weeks ago at the Nike store
I then started walking down the road without any shoes I was sad and l had no shoes on my feet blues
I didn't know what was coming next this place gave me the creeps I had no idea what to expect
I then heard a buzzing sound like you would hear from a bee and I looked all around then way up in the sky I saw two large horse flies and they were coming straight at me
I stared at them for a second or two and I wished but I could just swing a bat I’ve never seen a fly that had a horse’s head or one that was as big as an alley cat
There they were though right in front of me coming down fast and they reminded me of two Japanese zeros and they buzzed my head several times making me hit the ground then they started laughing like they were a pair of heroes
From behind me a trumpet I heard then I saw Bee he was coming down spitting flames chasing the two horse flies away not playing any games
I yelled thank you to Bee as he flew away and I continued to walk down the road not knowing what else I was going to see today’s
I came around the corner of a building and what I saw made me choke I didn't think it was real no way this could happen I thought it was a joke
Sitting at a table and drinking a glass of wine I had to blink twice this could not be real it had to be fake but in front of me was a cow she was holding knife and eating a nice juicy T-bone steak
The waiter was a tall red fox with one eye he was yelling at some butter with wings that was flying away saying goodbye
Then he saw me in the corner of his eye he turned around and said don't you hate butterflies
As I passed by the cow, she said hello to me and asked me to dine she said she was all alone and I was welcome to sit down and have some steak and wine
I politely said yes, I do but I have no time to dine I'm running late you see but thank you for offering you’re very kind
I continued on my way that just wasn’t right to me on any given day
I didn't get too far down the road when I came to the crossroads there, I met Krazy horse and Sitting bull Krazy horse was in a tree he was hanging upside down and he turned and asked me was my glass half empty or half full
That sent me back a few steps and I had to stop walking I never seen a horse hanging upside down in a tree before and then he started talking
Sitting Bull however was as quiet as a bee he was on the nice green grass meditating when he opens his eyes and look right at me
He said boy you make a lot of noise I heard you for miles walking up here from town while you were down there did you happen to see my wife walking around
She went down to eat some dinner hours ago all alone I had put two and two together but I finally realize she's  black with a big white spot she was at Fox’s place when I walk by she was chewing on some T-bones
There Krazy I told you that bovine was a hussy and to top it off she was lying when we get back to the reservation, I’m get those lawyers to get those divorce papers ready I’m going to make her start crying
Then Sitting Bull stood up  I'm done here he said this makes me sad now I got the blues he then saw I had nothing on my feet he asked me if I lost pair of shoes
I said actually sir I did lose a pair a black Nikes size 10 with yellow laces he went behind the tree and hey gave them to me then they both laughed because of the look on my face
I didn't think I was ever going to see those shoes they just flew away like a kite I then put both of them on my feet and tied those laces really tight
Thanks both of you those shoes cost me a lot of money plus I've been walling without my shoes on all day my feet hurt that's not funny
Boy your welcome to come along but I don't think you can keep up we’re going back to camp we're going to pack then I'll smoke the pipe and pass the cup
Funny thing was he wasn't lying and boy could they walk and it was straight uphill when we got to their camp my legs were dying
There wasn't much to pack but I helped Krazy horse fold the tent when we're done Sitting Bull was gone and crazy horse looked at me, I know what he went
He's a raging bull when he gets mad god help that fox but it's his life, he went back down to town probably to go kill his wife
Yep that's what he’s probably going to go do and get himself killed and they call me crazy but love can tear no l you apart I rather just take a pill
While we wait here’s, the pipe lets smoke he took a few puffs and passed it to me I inhaled but I began to choke
After I regain my composure and I felt embarrassed I asked what is this stuff boy that's top shelf the same thing Willie Nelson smokes he buys it from us you know boy listen you can only take small puffs
Well me and Krazy smoked for a while but not sure what happened I must have passed out when I woke up and my eyes focused again, I noticed everything was gone I just wanted to shout
I didn't see the note that crazy left me until I had to get up to go pee
It said Sitting Bull safe but Fox cut him good and he is now sitting in jail I have to go collect some money from my friends to get him out on bail
Boy thank you for helping us here's a little top shelf to take back remember small puffs or you might find yourself having a heart attack
I thought to myself where's my witch so I can beat her down and drag her and throw her in the ditch
Then I would grab those ruby slippers and wish I was home in my bed but no I'm still out here in no man's land trying not to be dead
I look down the hill and there was smoke coming from the town it was on fire and then I heard a loud explosion that shook the ground
Krazy must have busted Sitting Bull out of jail there is a lot of people just running about going here and there just trying to put that fire out
I was keeping an eye out when I saw them at the crossroad they were moving fast up the hill it wouldn’t take too long to get up here at their place later that moment later I heard them trying up behind me and I said you guys make too much noise but you guys do have some skill
SB was covered in bandages he was cut pretty bad but he was moving okay and for that I was glad
Their looking for you to boy so be careful you want to be someone’s toy
I can't go with you I'll slow you down I'll be okay I'll find a place to hide up here and won't make a sound
SB looked at the boy and said you keep an eye out for Walter he will unlock the door that’s in your head he's has the keys that will send you back home to sleep in your bed
I know you seen him he's the fish that can walk on land and is always talking   asking where is the gate he should be up here soon and is always walking
Be careful stay out of trouble I laughed and said you're the one that fights he gave me a grand said come visit anytime you’re welcome day or night
They then took off and boy could those two move I stopped worrying because there's no way anyone could possibly catch them when those two are in the grove
I found me a nice little spot to stay it was behind some bushes and off to the left a little bit out of the way
Heard the posse go by I got as close to the ground as I could I didn't want to breathe or move or make a sound
Following them was Bee he looked like a scout I was about ready to yell at him but I didn't just in case I then took a quick look about
There he was Walter the walking fish he was at least half a mile away I began to run after him but he didn’t play
He went into some pine trees and I lost him have no idea where he went, I couldn't run no more you anyways I was tired and huffing and puffing I was spent
That thing was I didn't know how to get back to town I began yelling Mr. Fish hello Mr. Fish where’d you go Walter help me I felt like a clown
Then he popped his little head up and went through a gate I didn't even see it almost too late
Where did that come from, I said as I went through the gate he was standing in front of a hole where he jumped in and looked at me the same time and said don’t be late
So, I followed and I jumped right in but I think I hit my head I began spin and spin faster and faster then no lights and when they can back on I was safe I am safe now in my own bed


  • Oct 13, 2020

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