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I'm a happy yet broken person
My life, feelings, emotion's a joke to them
They belittle me
They embarass me in front of their friends

They tend to disgrace me every single time they gets
They compare me to other people
not letting me be myself
They smile at me but it's not genuine
It doesn't reach their eyes

They make me feel like an illegitimate child
I am not confident enough
They look down on me
I'm tired
I'm tired of trying

I'm tired of everything
I feel these life's not mine
it isn't for me
I just wanna go
Go far away from them
I'm tired of pretending to be happy and strong

I'm fucking broken
My heart's broken and it hurts
It hurts a lot
They don't know
They have no idea how much I've endured yet they keep telling me to endure.

I just want to leave
I want to go
I'm tired
The one's I love don't love me
I don't feel loved enough
I'm scared

Scared I might lose myself
In these pains
My heart bleeds for me
My soul weeps for me

I'm really scared of them
Their name alone 
Sends cold shivers to my body
Like I'm watching some Horror movie
They wouldn't let me do things I love
They condemn me

Like I'm some forbidden fruit
I'm not strong
I am not
My heart is broken
It's stucked in the pain of my past
And doesn't want to let go


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