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Still have strong feelings for her.
I still can't break this cycle of fear.
It all seems surreal.
Everything I feel.

I keep hesitating.
Never rightly wording.
Why's my mind never working?
Am I really that against me climbing?

Off and on all night.
A constant fight.
With a poetic flight.
Waiting to land in her site.

Is it worth the risk?
Do I take the chance?
Or give into the Demons
Feeding off my torments.

All I want is to say I love you.
Yet every time I see you
I stare at you 
Then when you move I look away from you.

When I finally saw you again.
It rushed back in.
Love again.
It felt like I could live again. 

I should say it
I keep telling myself that.
I've a regressive nature with it
So I don't know how to say it.



  • Oct 12, 2020

  • Oct 12, 2020

  • Love it!💜

    Oct 12, 2020

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