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I'm not walking the same path.
Minds not a wreck
And I'm finally walking unstressed.
You know, no regress.
Another swing and a miss?
Never again with that shit.

I'm eventually going for everything they said I'd never start doing.
These days I been fuming
Just not the bad kind
That wax melt kind
Making you re-scent your mind.
This my new mind.
No more rewind
Unless I need to remind
Myself of that one time
I failed so miserably always trying to find.

Its all just a state of mind.
I learned that
Thanks to all the swings I took just to miss.
Yeah, I'm not in those pits
Yet my insides still in a twist
There's no time to make another promise
So eventually I'm a do this
Then one day I'm a laugh about this
Fucked up ass person I was in this
So called life I used to walk through as damaged. 



  • Oct 11, 2020

  • Oct 15, 2020

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